My Return to Progression Raiding

I have a very long history of Raiding (on and off) in Star Wars The Old Republic since the 1.0 days. My return to raiding (after my APAC Guild <Corvus> quit SWTOR in 4.0) came sooner than I expected. I said to myself that I’d never do Progression Raiding again unless […]

Thoughts on Recent SWTOR News and Issues

Quite a lot has happened in Star Wars The Old Republic this past week. Game Update 5.1 launched with its share of issues. But the biggest thing by far was the Group Content Announcement on ‘The Look Ahead Livestream’ this past Thursday (26th January). New Operation Eric Musco, Charles Boyd and […]

PvP Gearing Costs and Thoughts on the 5.1 PvP Gear Grind

On Friday, Eric Musco announced the specifics of the new gearing system coming out on the 24th of January as part of Game Update 5.1. Galactic Command Gearing Changes, 5.1 and Beyond Unassembled Components and Their Vendor Unassembled Pieces and Command Token Costs If you haven’t seen them yet or […]

SWTOR – A Look Back at My 2016 Wishlist and My 2017 Wishlist

Another year has gone by in a galaxy far far away. My Guild which had been around since the APAC servers launched left the game, I took a break for a couple of months then I came back for 5.0. The Knights of the Eternal Throne Story was decent (and […]

Tributes to Carrie Fisher in Star Wars The Old Republic

You have all no doubt heard the news of Carrie Fisher’s passing. I am devasted. In Star Wars the Old Republic, players have been congregating outside and inside of House Organa on Alderaan to pay their respects to Carrie on different Servers. #RIPCarrie #swtor #swtorfamily #tre — Susanne Leetz […]

Ben Irving’s Interview – Thoughts on Group Content Response

Recently did an interview with Bioware Producer Ben Irving about the Fifth Anniversary of Star Wars The Old Republic, how the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion was received and future group content. There is one part of the interview that stood out to me. In it, Ben Irving is responding […]

Explanation and Feedback on Game Update 5.1 Endgame Gearing Changes

On the recent Holiday Producer Livestream, Eric Musco, Ben Irving and Charles Boyd revealed changes they were going to be making to endgame gearing come Game Update 5.1 which is set to be released on the 24th of January. If you missed the Stream, here is a summary of what they’re […]