How SWTOR could compromise on Galactic Command

I know this is a pipe dream. But hear me out. I have already discussed how to terrible the ‘grind of chance lottery’ Galactic Command system is, in my view. But there are ways SWTOR could compromise. Again, I know they probably won’t. But still, it doesn’t hurt to discuss […]


The Grind of Chance – The Sacrilege of SWTOR

What the hell. The SWTOR Devs have unexpectedly decided to throw traditional MMO gearing and progression out the window, make a bonfire out of it and run over the smoldering remains. What’s left is Galactic Command, a one size fits all solution riddled in RNG, a favourite mechanic of the SWTOR Devs, […]


Max Level Progression and Gearing Changes coming to SWTOR

Star Wars The Old Republic’s Eric Musco. Charles Boyd and Ben Irving recently did their first in a planned series of streams showcasing new features and content coming in the new expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne. The Galactic Command Overview Stream went over this new feature being introduced to the game. […]


More Cross-faction Features Coming to WildStar

The next Game Update coming to WildStar, Redmoon Mutiny isn’t just bringing with it part to of the Redmoon Terror Raid but a bucket load of new cross-faction features! Wildstar already has cross-faction PvP queues, cross-faction dungeon queues, cross-faction mailing and a game-wide cross-faction chat channel (/Nexus). Set to be released […]


SWTOR Betrayed Trailer Analysis and Speculation

Hey everyone, The Star Wars The Old Republic Team has finally revealed the new Trailer ‘Betrayed’ for the upcoming Knights of the Eternal Throne story expansion. The Trailer shows Vaylin’s ‘fall’ to the Dark Side of the force. Here is the Trailer below! Trailer Walk Through At the beginning of the Trailer […]

Senya has her Pike raised towards the hooded figure.

Thoughts on SWTOR’s Latest Trailer Teaser and Trailer Speculation

SWTOR has graced with yet another sneak peak of the new Blur Cinematic Trailer being released on Friday 7th of October at the New York Community Cantina. Here it is below if you haven’t seen it yet. In this scene, Senya is in a very dark, foreboding place. A Lightsaber […]


Sneak Peak of KOTET Expansion Trailer on The Star Wars Show

Hey everyone! The Star Wars Show featured a sneak peak of the new Blur Cinematic Trailer for the upcoming Star Wars The Old Republic Expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne. The sneak peak features Senya Tirell (mother of Arcann and Vaylin) about to face off against some mysterious foes. The […]


SWTOR’s New Blur Trailer Teaser Speculation

On Friday the SWTOR Twitter account teased us with an 8 second clip from a previously unannounced Blur cinematic trailer. A dangerous #StarWars family grows stronger. New cinematic trailer for Knights of the Eternal Throne arrives Oct 7! — The Old Republic (@SWTOR) 30 September 2016 The teaser shows a […]


Datamined SWTOR 5.0 Class Changes – Mercenary/Commando Healing

Hey everyone, Recently, the dataminers released potential class changes coming in Game Update 5.0, Knights of the Eternal Throne of Star Wars The Old Republic. In this post, I go over all the relevant changes that are of interest to Bodyguard Mercenaries/Combat Medic Commando’s. If you would like to see […]


Knights of the Eternal Throne Story Predictions

Hey everyone, Here are a couple of my story predictions for Star Wars The Old Republic’s next expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne as well as what we know about it for sure. Note there are **SPOILERS** for Knights of the Eternal Empire. Chapter 16 Ending Foreshadowing Below is a screenshot from the […]