Open World PvP on Iokath – Questions and Concerns

Recently, Eric Musco announced some new Open World PvP mechanics being introduced with Game Update 5.2 The War for Iokath. The new mechanics include: In open world PvP, enemies and allies will be determined by the Faction you choose to fight for, not the faction your Class is a part […]

ESO’s Jester’s Festival – Commentary with Tips and Tricks

Elder Scrolls Online’s annual Jester’s festival is in full swing and there are plenty of shenanigans to be had! The Jester’s Festival takes you across all three factions as you celebrate and cause some mischieve and a little mayhem in each of the faction’s major towns. To start the Jester’s Festival Quest, get […]

ESO Diaries: Templar and Nightblade Adventures

In my continuing adventures in Elder Scrolls Online, I have been levelling up two of my characters. My Nord Templar in the Ebonheart Pact and my Redguard Nightblade in Daggerfall Covenant. I’ve progressed a lot further on my Ebonheart charcter then my Daggerfall character. I’m still finding the game to be […]

MMO UI’s and Addons – Thoughts and Perspectives

From the perspective of someone who’s first MMORPG was Star Wars The Old Republic, it has been interesting playing other MMO’s to see how they do things. One major thing that has stood out to me when trying other MMO’s is the general lack of built-in UI features (compared to SWTOR). […]

ESO Diaries: Day 1 – Character Creation & Initial Impressions

Due to some recent events, I decided to clear up some space on my laptop and buy/download Elder Scrolls Online! I did try the game out on a beta weekend but I really didn’t like it at all. But now that some of my old APAC Guildies (who used to play […]

It’s About Damn Time

As Pallais said on Twitter when the news broke: “The circle of loot in SWTOR is complete”. Yes, the Star Wars The Old Republic Developers have finally gone full circle on their controversial and unpopular RNG gearing grind fest. Gearing will be returning to how it was before 5.0 with Command […]

Is SWTOR’s Conquest System Broken?

Conquest is an over glorified fluff achievement system in Star Wars The Old Republic which gives points for completing certain types of content and rewards you with credits and crafting material currency if you get enough points each week. If your Guild happens to come first place on the planet it […]

My Return to Progression Raiding

I have a very long history of Raiding (on and off) in Star Wars The Old Republic since the 1.0 days. My return to raiding (after my APAC Guild <Corvus> quit SWTOR in 4.0) came sooner than I expected. I said to myself that I’d never do Progression Raiding again unless […]

Thoughts on Recent SWTOR News and Issues

Quite a lot has happened in Star Wars The Old Republic this past week. Game Update 5.1 launched with its share of issues. But the biggest thing by far was the Group Content Announcement on ‘The Look Ahead Livestream’ this past Thursday (26th January). New Operation Eric Musco, Charles Boyd and […]

PvP Gearing Costs and Thoughts on the 5.1 PvP Gear Grind

On Friday, Eric Musco announced the specifics of the new gearing system coming out on the 24th of January as part of Game Update 5.1. Galactic Command Gearing Changes, 5.1 and Beyond Unassembled Components and Their Vendor Unassembled Pieces and Command Token Costs If you haven’t seen them yet or […]