Your Guide to the SWTOR Fallen Empire Reveal

Hey everyone,

I thought I’d put together a guide to where you’ll be able to find the latest info about SWTOR’s Fallen Empire reveal, where you can watch the EA E3 Press Conference and how to talk about it on Social Media.

Where and When can you watch the EA E3 Press Conference?

You can watch the EA E3 Press Conference through EA’s Live to Play website. The Press Conference starts on Monday 15th June at 1pm PDT / 9pm BST / Tuesday 16th June 6am AEST.

What do we Know So Far

To see a full write up of everything we know so far check out TOR Community’s write up. It includes all the teaser images, EA’s press release and the SWTOR webpage leak from the weekend.

Social Media

If you’re going to be hyping up or talking about the big reveal on Twitter, use the following hashtags to connect with other people and to ensure SWTOR will see your feedback!

  • #SWTOR
  • #EAE3
  • #FallenEmpire
  • #FaceYourDestiny
  • #swtorfamily

another teaser image

Where to Find the Latest Info Throughout The Day

If you want to stay up to date with the latest info throughout the day both from the EA Press Conference and from SWTOR, be sure to keep an eye on TORCommunity for write ups and summaries of the Press Conference and other tidbits of information.

Also keep an eye on Twitter. I will be doing my best to live tweet the SWTOR part of the EA E3 Press Conference. I’m sure others will be tweeting as well. Keep an eye on the above hashtags.

Finally TORCommunity will be live recording the first episode of our other new Podcast called ‘Better Then Cross Server’ shortly after the EA Press Conference has concluded. So you’ll get to hear the highlights from the Press Conference as well as our reactions.

You can also expect me to to do some blog posts about the Fallen Empire Reveal looking at the lore, reviewing the trailer etc.

Are you going to be watching the EA Press Conference? Are you looking forward to seeing the Knights of the Fallen Empire trailer?


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  • Master Liu

    Great post! Super excited to check out what’s in store for tomorrow.

  • Patchwork

    Yes I am looking forward to the press conference.