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Hey everyone,

With the recent redesign of my website and acquisition of a domain for my blog, I've decided to do a review of the type of content I will be doing for my blog. At this stage the challenge will be scheduling everything I want to do and being consistent which is something I've never been good at.

Star Wars The Old Republic Content

I will continue to write opinion pieces, guides (haha) and be active on Social Media talking about SWTOR and all that it entails. So that's not going to change. I'm just going to try and be more consistent and active.


Star Wars Battlefront Content

I am going to start posting content about Star Wars Battlefront and thought this would be a good time to start doing so with the upcoming reveal happening at Star Wars Celebration (April 17th). I am very excited about Star Wars Battlefront. I used to love playing Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefront II and I'm looking forward to seeing what EA and DICE have in store for us fans of the older games.

YouTube Video's

I am going to continue doing mostly Vlog's and possibly adding some more guide video's for SWTOR. At this stage I haven't decided whether I will be doing YouTube content for Star Wars Battlefront or not but I likely will in the future when there is more to talk about.

Bitch Mode - Vlog

Basically these are Vlog's are where I complain about a particular aspect of SWTOR that could use some improvement or that I don't like. I have already done two of these and I have ideas/topics for more. So stay tuned.

Suck Up Mode - Vlog

This series will be the reverse of my Bitch Mode Vlog's where I'll talk about the good thing's about SWTOR. I haven't made any of these yet but I have ideas for topics I will talk about.

SWTOR Weekly

I'm undecided as to whether I will go back to doing these or not.. I liked attempting to add a comedic edge to these and not having them be all that serious. So if I do go back to doing them it will be more as a comedic thing. If you liked me doing them and would like to see me do more, let me know.

live forom the voidstar logo 01

Live From The Voidstar

I will be continuing to do Live From The Voidstar with Mae for TORCommunity, where we talk about PvP in SWTOR. Scheduling isn't that consistent and to be fair there isn't always that much PvP news for SWTOR so that doesn't help either. But we do both want to continue doing it.

Goals and Scheduling 

At this stage my aim will be to post two blog post per week about SWTOR and one to two YouTube video's per week about SWTOR. I will also endeavor to make a post within a day of a particular major news item coming out about SWTOR or Battlefront. There won't be a consistent schedule for Battlefront content at this stage, but I will post about Battlefront when there is something to say!

Looking for Feedback!star wars cat speeders

Lastly, I do have one other thing I will be a part of but I'm not ready to announce that yet until the details are finalised. I will continue to and am always happy to guest on Podcasts as well.

I would love to hear from you all as to what you think of my current line up and what you think of my future plans. So if you have any feedback to offer please do let me know in the comments here or on social media.

Thank you all so much for your support. I love creating content and interacting with the SWTOR community and am looking forward to engaging with the Battlefront community. I'm very much looking forward to expanding my horizons, interacting and collaborating with new people and most importantly playing the games I enjoy!

So again, thank you all very much for your support!

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