Why the Conquest start time got moved Six hours

Eric Musco, recently revealed to Bioware Influencers why the Conquest start time got moved six hours ahead of its previous start time.

Basically, the reason behind the move was because of ongoing issues with Conquest rewards distribution. The timing of maintenance often interfered with the timing of Conquest and in turn the distribution of rewards. Moving the start of Conquest six hours ahead ensures that maintenance times will no longer coincide with Conquest reset times.

Keep in mind this move may not solve all the issues surrounding Conquest Reward distribution.

Quote from Musco:

Some of the issues that were happening with Conquest rewards were related to the time it ended due to impacts of maintenance. The 6 hour move gets us outside of the maintenance window. This may not address everything, but it does allow us to mitigate the impact maintenance times have on Conquest resets.

The new weekly Conquest start time is Tuesday 1 pm EST/6 pm GMT.

Conquest returns today (14th November) after a 3-week ‘time of peace’ hiatus due to Server Merges.

What are your thoughts on the change to the Conquest start time? Were you ever impacted by Conquest Reward distribution issues?


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  • Joseph Brown

    Thanks for this answer! Was wondering why the move of 6hrs. Seeing how Good part of the player base now have to rethink our crafting plans seeing how in fact this start is 7hrs for me being on the Alt coast and god know’s how EU is head. But when your play time short and craft q now means have to wait longer before log in to avoid wasted mats on war supplies or the invasion force.

  • Odobuzz

    Basically kills all CQ gameplay for six hours…they’ll put it back, it won’t help anything…