Why Should I keep Playing SWTOR?

Hey everyone,

I’m going to be honest with you all. You’ve probably seen hints around the place of me feeling this way, but over the last couple of days I’ve been feeling really down about it.

I’m getting bored with SWTOR.

I’ve been playing for over 3 years. I’ve experienced almost the entire game (except for some of the harder raid content and a couple of flashpoints). The increasingly slowing content cycle and Bioware’s new found emphasis on story content (at the expense of endgame content) has me highly concerned for the future of the game. It’s getting to the point where we’re seeing a repeat of last year where went through a really long drought of no new content and no new information.

So my question is? Why should a long term veteran player keep playing SWTOR? What is there for me (and others like me) to do or look forward to?

This isn’t the first time I’ve felt like this though. I went through this same phase of boredom with SWTOR around this time last year as well. I had another game to keep me occupied while I played SWTOR a lot less. But my point is, this is not healthy for SWTOR. They can not keep being so quiet about everything and having long droughts between endgame content updates. I’m sorry (not really) but story content is not end game content.

What could Bioware Austin do keep long term, once loyal, players from leaving the game?

They need to stop being so silent about upcoming content. They can not be so quiet in their communication and interaction with the players. Their silence is driving the player base away. Their attempts to surprise us and hold out on content ultimately fails and leads to more frustration.

I guess I’m trying to find the motivation to play a game I once found a lot of joy in. But with no new endgame (PvP) content to keep me occupied or on the horizon and no desire to grind anymore alts or repeat the same old content over and over again, I’m struggling to log in*.

What do we know about upcoming content? We know we’re getting another stronghold and someday we’ll get the Togruta species. So basically, fluff. There isn’t even a timetable for the aforementioned ‘fluff’. All we’ve been given is a date (15th June**) which coincides with EA’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) Press Conference. Otherwise, we know absolutely nothing. In the meantime though? There’s nothing to keep me engaged while waiting for that day.

In the end I am first and foremost a Star Wars fan who wants to play a fun Star Wars or Sci-Fi game. There was a time when this game filled that role. But now, not so much…

SWTOR had so much potential but now it’s slipping through the cracks. It’s sad to see it in this state. I’m not really surprised it came to this though.

The E3 EA Press Conference is our only hope.

Do you still play SWTOR? Why do you still play SWTOR? Are you considering leaving or have you already left SWTOR? Why did you leave/why are you considering leaving?

*For now, I’m taking a break from SWTOR and will only log in sporadically (just to clarify).
**The date, along with the hashtag #FallenEmpire was found on the armbands given out at the recent Anaheim Community Cantina with no explanation or acknowledgement from the Devs whatsoever.


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  • Random

    Holding out till E3 to see just how disappointing it is.
    They say they are ‘focusing on story’ and that ‘there will be 2 major story updates this year’. So then I think well which one is it then? Focusing on story would be 6 story updates per year. It sounds like what they are really doing is even less content per year overall. (which was already barely anything)
    I think Fallen Empire will be 4.0, or it will be 3.4 which will be a story patch with no level increase, that they call an expansion just because calling something an expansion means they can charge £12 for it.

  • Thank you for saying what alot of us are currently feeling…probably the best thing you have written (besides your awesome review and analysis of Zoist). What EA\Bioware are coasting on is the player base’s love of Star Wars that’s is why the majority of us still log into the game and even that is wearing thin.

    God I wish that the Dev’s and Community Team would read this and get it through their seemingly thick skulls that this is how their player base feels. Whoever is in charge of this games marketing needs to be summarily fired as SWTOR has the worst marketing/PR of any game I have played.

    I have not blogged even though I have a dozen half written post’s due to the fact they are all negative…I don’t want to be that guy but Bioware is not giving me anything positive to say about the current state of the game. Their communication with the fans is laughable and their silence about the future of the game is deafening.

    So thank you for your honest appraisal of how you feel and hopefully someone at Bioware will read this and motivate them to do better…but who am I kidding….lol

    As a last thought you did not even mention PVP, I don’t know why any of you PVPers are still with the game as you guys are the most badly treated and neglected.

    • Thank you. 🙂 I figure I’ve already beaten the PvP stick enough so to speak anyway lol so I focused on the game as a whole..

  • I am somewhat concerned by their slowed update pace, and while I love the story updates, I don’t like the idea that focusing their resources this way means that everything else gets absolutely nothing new in the meantime.

    However, for now I’m quite happy to wait and see. Operations with my guild keep me engaged, and in-between I dabble in other games.

  • The real answer to this post title is… you don’t. You don’t “have to” play SWTOR.

    I don’t agree the game is in a bad state. It’s not worse than it was, if anything, it’s more finished than it was 3 years ago. There’s loads of content to complete: have you done the new operations on hardmode? Have mastered all the classes and roles in both PvP and PvE? Have you finished the GSI stories? Have you played starfighter? Are you max rep with all factions? Have you finished your strongholds? Have you seen the Ziost story and beaten the world bosses?

    Maybe you have done all this, or maybe you aren’t interested in some of them and are longing for something new. Some parts of the game are more appealing to us than others, and it’s only natural to get bored after a while. This is probably not what you want to hear, but I’d just play other games for a bit until you get the urge to play SWTOR again. I hope your break turns out for the best. 🙂

  • I’m still playing. Right now I’m using the 12x XP to level alts and play around with the story to see various alternative paths. It’s also a chance to level characters with my son who lives on the other side of my state (6 hours away by car),

    It’s ok to take a break from an MMO to recharge your interest in that MMO. It gives you a chance to try different games and see what else is out there. When I burned out on Wow from a particularly stressful time during progression raiding I unsubbed at the start of an expansion. That let me come back later and pick the game back up. While I’ll never be as involved in Wow as I was, I can still return to the game and enjoy raiding with my guildies.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that letting yourself have some time and distance will give you a chance to see what parts of the game, or more likely, which folks you still would like to do things with. Then you can just enjoy the parts of the game that interest you while they are fun. When they stop being fun you can let the game lapse until there’s new content that appeals to you. Any single MMO doesn’t have to command our attention these days with all the fun alternatives out there. 🙂

  • I am one of those people who are really happy with Biowares new focus on storytelling. It is what distinguishes SWTOR from other MMOs and if they would ask me, personally, what they should do I would say “moar story!” Especially class-story.

    Everyone’s tastes are different, and if you find yourself in the position of not liking where the game is going? Take a break. Maybe you’ll come back after a while, maybe you won’t. Do what makes you happy.