Why I’m excited about Weapons being added to the Outfit Designer

In case you haven’t already heard, Charles Boyd, out of the blue, revealed on the forums that the Developers were working on getting Weapons added to the Outfit Designer!

Charles was responding to a player asking in the General Discussion forum why Weapons weren’t a part of the Outfit Designer. It is a feature they want to give us sometime this year but they haven’t finalised exactly when that will be. No doubt it is part of ongoing Road Map discussions (click the image to enlarge).

You guys really have no idea how happy I was to read this! It made my day!

So some of you may be wondering, why am I so excited by this?

Because I will no longer have to exclusively use legacy weapons anymore! I’ll be able to tailor the weapon/s and colour crystal/s to all my characters outfits! I won’t have to pick colour crystals for my lightsabers that will work for multiple lightsaber using characters and in turn, make sure all of their various outfits match the colour crystal in the legacy lightsaber/s! It’s a dream come true!

It’s going to be amazing! Different lightsaber colours tailored for each outfit?! My goodness! I won’t know what to do with myself! Having different weapons that match different outfits on my characters? The possibilities are endless!

My Marauder’s outfit: This colour crystal goes okay…But I would prefer to have gold colour crystals or use the Cathar Honour Swords.

The only real downside now is that I know have to actually pay more attention to different weapons that you can get. Exclusively using legacy weapons for many years has meant that my weapon collection is very limited as I’ve only really acquired weapons that I really like just to be used for characters while levelling them. Now my max level characters will be able to have amazing weapons that go with each of their different outfits!

Now, all we need is a better outfit dye system and a better character customisation system with more long hairstyles and more blonde hair colours! Then I’ll be even happier!

My Sentinel using the same lightsabers as my Marauder.  Again, it looks okay but I’d prefer to have a pale blue/cyan colour crystal and a different hilt.

While we haven’t been given a more specific timeframe for when this will be implemented, we might hear more when Keith releases the full roadmap by the end of the May!

Are you excited that Weapons will be added to the Outfit Designer? What is your favourite Weapon in the game? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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