What should the SWTOR Team’s New Year’s Resolutions and Goals be for 2015?

Hey everyone,

My previous blog post I did was on my own goals/resolutions for 2015 relating to SWTOR and blogging. At the end I asked what the SWTOR Team’s New Year’s Resolution’s and Goals should be for 2015? Here are the responses I got from Twitter:

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So based on everyone’s feedback and some of my own idea’s here are some goals I’ve come up with for the SWTOR Developer Team. I roughly ordered them from highest to lowest priority.

Suggested Goals for for SWTOR 2015

  • Continuously look at ways improve game performance. Eliminating lag, ability delay etc. from recent expansion should be main priority.
  • Transparency with game development, better communication and more interaction with the players and community. Regular and consistent updates on what is being worked on. Do not be silent!
  • More timely and consistent response in dealing with and removing bugs and exploits. Take consistent and harsh action against exploiters to discourage exploiting.
  • Facilitate a means to ensure players have a decent population to play with so they can complete all types of group content. Live up to promises made at the end of 2014 here to help queue times and increase population.
  • Update the many outdated sections of SWTOR.com and keep it consistently updated.
  • Add content to existing game modes: More Warzones, maybe Arena’s and add to GSF.
  • Keep promise to release new operations more frequently with less of a time gap.
  • Expand on character and companion story-lines and also the overall story.
  • Add in more quality of life features such as saving keybindings, gear set ups, preferences per character etc.
  • Work on improving existing ‘fluff’ content such as conquests, strongholds, add more achievements (more fluff rewards as well) and add in some fun mini games! Even if it’s something similar to that dumb turret quest on Rishi except you actually have to do shit, it’s not automatic.


I would like to at least see the SWTOR Dev Team have a good go at sticking to these goals. I know it is unlikely that we’ll get everything we want. But if they make some effort to being more transparent with their communication, giving us players more kinds of content we want and fixing performance issues then that will definitely be a step in the right direction.

I have to say so far for 2015 the community team has been doing a decent job at communication but there is always room for improvement.

I’d like to send a big thank you to everyone who contributed and responded to my tweets and to OotiniCast, Madmar and other’s for retweeting and spreading the word!

Did I miss anything crucial? Do you think any goals could be improved or modified? How likely do you think it is SWTOR has these or similar goals and/or will live up to them?

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