What I’ve been up to in SWTOR Lately

With less time for leisurely activities then I used to have, I’m at the point where I have to choose between creating content or playing games. More often than not lately, I choose to play (hence the lack of content). I’ve also been having an increasingly hard time motivating myself to log into SWTOR due to the lack of information on the future of the game (which will hopefully be remedied soon).

I haven’t had a Raid Team for quite a few months now so I’ve sadly not even seen the Aivela and Esne boss encounter (or done barely any raiding for that matter). My inconsistent work schedule would make it difficult for me to be a part of a raid team now anyway, unfortunately.

But nonetheless, I still do log into SWTOR a couple of times a week. So besides occasionally doing stuff with my Boyfriend, what do I get up to in SWTOR?

Class Stories

I am gradually playing through three Class Stories, again. The Jedi Knight, Imperial Agent and Smuggler. I’m playing the Jedi Knight and Imperial Agent stories for the third time and the Smuggler story the second time.

The main reason I’m playing through the Jedi Knight story again is that I wanted to do a more headcanon playthrough of the story as I’ve made some changes over the years since I played through the story on my first Jedi Knight. I also wanted to re-experience my Jedi romancing Theron from the very beginning.

As for the other classes, the Agent story, I honestly don’t remember that well so I wanted to play through it again and the Smuggler story is a lot of fun so why not go through it again? It has been nice to go back and experience the class stories, again for the nostalgia. I’m particularly enjoying the fast travel times. I still remember the days when you had to manually go places. Now, all the Speeder paths are unlocked automatically and you can instantly quick travel or use your Stronghold for fast travel. It’s great!


I’ve been PvPing considerably less than I used to for a few reasons. Obviously, the lack of time as I mentioned above but also a lack of motivation. The main reasons I’ve lacked the motivation to PvP include:

  • The terrible quality of PvP on my main server, the Harbinger.
  • No friends (who still play the game) to PvP with.
  • My Mercenary is full 248’s.
  • The horrible gear grind for alts.

See in previous expansions, once I got my mains (Mercenary and Commando) in full PvP gear, I would start gearing my alts through PvP by playing my mains. But with the horrible state of gearing, I’m far less motivated to do this. I have been able to give a lot of 246 mods and enhancements to my alts but that, of course, doesn’t fully gear them, does it?

But recently, I decided to make a Mercenary (using a 65 token) on the Red Eclipse (TRE) to PvP. While I’m having to go through the slow gear grind all over again, I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the PvP on TRE so far. The matches are far more competitive and the overall quality of the players is better. So it’s been nice to enjoy a little PvP again when I get the chance.

At this stage, I have not decided if I’ll be moving to TRE with my mains. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Keith announces in the Road Map.

A new Guild

With my partial move to TRE, I have also joined a guild, namely the SWTOR Family Twitter Guild. I sadly haven’t had the chance to do much with them due to my work schedule. But I did join them for the Theron March held a couple of weeks ago. I’m hoping to be able to join them for a Raid or some other shenanigans soon (work schedule permitting).

So I guess that about sums it up. Until we know more about the future of the game and in turn have something to look forward to, I don’t really see myself logging on that much more than I already do.

What have you been up to in SWTOR lately?


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  • Lorhin

    I really hope the up and coming road map will give us a lot of stuff to look forward to. Right now, all I have is to see where this story is going with Theron, and the promise of NiM Gods.

    • Yeah, I hope so too. 🙂 I want PvP stuff to look forward to!