New Community Team Member Introduced!

Hey everyone,

We now have our new community team member! Nick Avola! Welcome to the community and congratulations on your new job! You can follow Nick on Twitter and say hi at @avola_swtor.

Nick wrote a post introducing himself which you can read here. This part however, stood out to me the most:

a pvp com cordIt’s heartening to see that, apparently, he is a PvPer. Naturally I’m skeptical but hopefully we’ll see him in action soon pwning Tait and Musco’s toon’s!

nick tweet reply
Hmm promising or is he just talking himself up?

I’d like to know more about his PvP experience. Does he do ranked? Or is he a regstar like me? It’d be interesting to know what classes he has experience with and how H9e2eqcregularly he PvP’s (or used to PvP). Also, I highly doubt we’ll ever find this out but, I’d be curious to know what he thinks about the state of PvP in SWTOR and what his hopes and dreams are for PvP?

So TLDR Nick, you said there are great things being worked on/coming to SWTOR in 2015, so is their anything exciting for PvP in the works (that’s not ranked arena related)?

Oh and just as a reminder to Bioware…

Yes, this is my meme and yes this is the second time I've sued it this week.

Also cross server or whatever your supposed fucking solution is; you guys better be working on something..

And finally Nick, a reminder for you and the community team:

all thingsWhat do you all think of Nick? Do you think we’ll see increased and improved communication from the Community Team now?

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  • I think that Nick big noting himself by saying he will take down Tait and Musco in PVP in no way gives him any street cred….lol, Taits and Musco barely survive in PVE…though I do look forward to hopefully seeing him in action in the near future.

    • Yeah I’ll believe Nick when I see him in action lol

  • Hehe, I do still miss the days of 8v8 ranked, but I don’t believe it’s coming back any time soon. That would be admitting introducing 4v4 wasn’t the proper solution for stimulating people to do ranked. Then again, we can always hope… 🙂