Umbara – What we know from The Clone Wars

We know very little about the Flashpoint ‘Crisis on Umbara’ coming to Star Wars The Old Republic in Game Update 5.4 (August 22nd). We don’t know why the Eternal Alliance Commander will go there or what role Umbara will play in the story. All we know for sure is that the flashpoint will be available in Story (Solo), Veteran and Master Mode. So everyone will have access to the story regardless of their play style.

We also recently learnt that there will be a Stronghold on Umbara (in Game Update 5.4). All we know about it so far as that it will be a moving Train! How awesome does that sound?! Part of the requirements to get the Stronghold will be to complete the Flashpoint a few times.

In the Star Wars Universe, Umbara is a planet that makes an appearance in The Clone Wars TV Series. It is the setting of the Clone centred Story Arc ‘Darkness on Umbara’. As a big fan of The Clone Wars, I am very excited to see a planet from the series in SWTOR!

So what do we know about Umbara from the ‘Canon’ Era?

Umbara is a dark and foreboding place where deadly creatures lurk in wait.

Umbara in Star Wars Canon

The planet itself is known as the ‘Shadow World’ as sunlight does not reach the surface. It is characterised by it large, overgrown plants which have a red glow and an ever-present fog.

At some point in galactic history, the planet was cut off from the rest of the galaxy for an unknown period of time. This isolation led to the native Umbarans developing technology that exceeded the galactic standard. No more is known about them prior to the pre-Clone Wars era.

Umbara was a part of the Galactic Republic when the Clone Wars started but after their Senator, Mee Deechi was assassinated, they joined the Separatists. The Grand Army of the Republic then launched a successful invasion of the planet which is depicted over the ‘Darkness of Umbara’ four-episode arc.

Native Umbarans have to wear helmets and breathing apparatus as they seemingly can’t breathe in their planet’s atmosphere.

The native Umbarans are humanoid looking with pale, bluish skin and colourless eyes which have grey markings around them. They can speak basic but they have their own language they prefer to use.

Notable Umbarans from Star Wars lore includes Senator Mee Deechi whose assassination led to the Battle of Umbara and Sly Moore, an aide to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

The technology the Umbarans invented is quite unique in the Star Wars Universe. It is difficult for non-Umbarans to use the technology as witnessed in the ‘Plan of Dissent‘ Episode. The Clones Fives, Hardcase and Jesse have a hard time learning to pilot the Umbaran Fighters.

Umbaran Fighter piloted by Fives.

As is traditional for the wilds of Star Wars planets there are weird and deadly creatures on Umbara. Most of them are quite harmless but the Vixus is deceptively lethal. A stationary, non-sentient creature with tentacles (similar to a Sarlacc) that rest haphazardly on the ground, it snares its prey with its tentacles and lifts them into its mouth which has a long, grasping tongue.

Wouldn’t a Vixus make for a great boss encounter? Image Source.

Speculation – What will Umbara be like in SWTOR?

While SWTOR isn’t technically canon, the Developers still have to adhere to the confines of canon (to an extent) while possibly having some wiggle room given the time gap. Considering the time gap it’s hard to say what elements of Umbara we saw in The Clone Wars will be included in SWTOR and what won’t.

Will the technology the Umbarans use in the Clone Wars be the same? It’s possible given how little technology changes in the Star Wars Universe. But, we also have to take into consideration the time gap. Theoretically, whatever causes the Umbarans to be isolated from the galaxy could happen around this time?

The planet itself will inevitably look the same in SWTOR as it did in The Clone Wars. I daresay the developers watched the ‘Darkness of Umbara’ Arc countless times to really get a sense of the look and feel of the planet. They have spoken previously about their close ties to the Lucasfilm story group so I’m sure they would have also been a great help to them as well.

With Umbara having a Flashpoint and now a Stronghold, I am really hoping that maybe they’ll do a Manaan and make so you can travel to the planet itself. That would be amazing!

If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend watching the ‘Darkness on Umbara’ Arc (Season 4, Episodes 7-10). It is quite good! I am very much looking forward to seeing what the Developers do with Umbara in SWTOR.

Are you a Clone Wars fan? Are you looking forward to seeing Umbara in SWTOR?

All images are from Wookiepedia unless otherwise stated.


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