Tributes to Carrie Fisher in Star Wars The Old Republic

You have all no doubt heard the news of Carrie Fisher’s passing. I am devasted.

In Star Wars the Old Republic, players have been congregating outside and inside of House Organa on Alderaan to pay their respects to Carrie on different Servers.

There are also quite a few screenshot threads on the SWTOR SubReddit from memorials on different Servers.

Carrie portrayed the badass Princess and General we all grew to love in Star Wars. But she was more than just an actress. She was also a true feminist, mental health advocate, script doctor and an all round incredibly talented individual who’s sense of humour and big heart touched us all.

She is one with the force now. May she be at peace.

It really does bring to home that the reason we all love and play SWTOR is because we love Star Wars. It’s what brought me and many others to play SWTOR in the first place. To see Carrie, who was such a big part of Star Wars fandom pass away is just devastating. We may disagree on what we want in the game or with what Bioware is doing. But in the end, we are all Star Wars fans who want a Star Wars experience. We want what is best for SWTOR so we can live out our fantasies in the Star Wars Universe.

It would be great to see the Bioware Developers put a tribute to Carrie Fisher in-game. It can be something subtle and non-lore breaking but it would mean the world to the players.

Here are some screenshots of players paying tribute to Carrie Fisher on the Harbinger Server.


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