Thoughts on Valor Requirements for PvP Cosmetic Items in 5.0

Hey everyone,

Eric Musco, Community Manager for SWTOR announced that items which currently cost Warzone Commendations will in 5.0, will cost Credits and require a certain Valor Rating to purchase/use. If you’ve been living under a rock, in 5.0, Warzone Commendations and PvP Gear (including Expertise) are being taken out of the game.


He also asked for feedback from the community about what the minimum requirements should be for the various PvP cosmetic items available.

There are a few cosmetic items available to buy for Warzone Commendations. So before we look into what the Valor requirements should be, let’s look at what’s currently available to buy for Warzone Commendations. There are not only decorations but also pets, mounts, colour crystals and low level weapons (which will be considered cosmetic items in 5.0). Note that War Hero Crystals will have Mastery stat instead of Expertise in 5.0.

Here are my suggestions for Valor (and Credit) requirements:

  • Crystals 450 WZ Comms – Valor 10 (20k Credits)

Reasoning: it’s nice to have an alternative method of getting crystals for leveling and all of these colours with different stats are craftable. So I reckon they should be fairly easy to get.

  • Crystals 150k+ credits – Valor 60-70 (same price as they are currently)

Reasoning: These colours are the more ‘prestigious’ colours so they should keep their credit cost and have a reasonably high Valor so they are available to endgame PvPer’s only.

  • Pets and Mounts – Valor 50 (40-60k Credits)

Reasoning: They’re ‘fluff’ items so it doesn’t hurt to have them at a higher Valor so again only endgame PvPer’s will be able to get them. At the same time, tehy’re nothing too special so the Credit cost doesn’t need to be too high.

  • Weapons – Valor 20-40? (25-30k Credits?)

Reasoning: They’re weapon skins that are pretty average looking with no special effects or anything. So it’s not worth having too high of a Valor requirement on them.

  • Decorations
Valor 40 - 20-40k CreditsValor 50 - 40-50k CreditsValor 60 - 50-80kValor 70 - 150kValor 80 - 218k Credits
Banner (Large)Holo Sign FrogdogGenerator NodeAncient Hypergate OrbCustom Huttball Stand
Flag HologramHolo Sign RotwormHuttball Pit ChandelierFlag Frogdog Banner
Flag StandardCrate (Stacked)Flag Rotworm Baner
Crate (Single)Hypergate Ring
GuardsmanStronghold Label
Makeb CanopyVoidstar Bomb
Makeb Pergola

Reasoning: This is just roughly what you could do with the decorations. I roughly made it so the more expensive decorations (currently) have a higher Valor requirement and Credit cost and the cheaper ones currently have a lower Valor requirement and Credit cost.

I’m still not happy that they’re removing Warzone Commendations from the game. But having a Valor requirement for the various cosmetic items isn’t such a bad idea. There are those who still craft the 1.0 PvP armors that had a Valor 60 – 70 requirement to wear. So having a Valor requirement for PvP stuff isn’t a new thing.

Finally, they’re also making a minimum Valor requirement to enter Ranked Arena’s. They haven’t yet decided or announced what the Valor requirement will be but personally, I would say it should be Valor 70. This honestly should have been a thing ages ago but oh well.

What do you think the Valor requirements should be for various cosmetic items? What would you suggest differently? How about the Arena Valor requirement?


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