Thoughts on SWTOR’s Latest Trailer Teaser and Trailer Speculation

SWTOR has graced with yet another sneak peak of the new Blur Cinematic Trailer being released on Friday 7th of October at the New York Community Cantina. Here it is below if you haven’t seen it yet.

In this scene, Senya is in a very dark, foreboding place. A Lightsaber Pike is ignited in her hand as she surveys the scene of carnage. Many dead Zakuul Knights lie on the ground. While looking around, she steps into a puddle and suddenly turns around, her pike raised up high to see a mysterious person in the shadows walking towards her.

Here are some key images from the Teaser, click on one to enlarge and open pop up gallery..

What is going on?

Senya, who is notably alone in this teaser, appears to be surveying the results of a battle where Zakuul Knights were completely massacred. Notably also, she appears to be carrying a Lightsaber Pike (the same type used by the Zakuul Knights) rather then her own Lightsaber. Her armor is scuffed and she looks dirty and disheveled as if she has already been a fight. When we see the mysterious hooded figure, we get a glimpse of the greater scene of carnage, perhaps a crashed ship or two, in the background as they walk towards Senya.

Where is Senya and is she doing there? I highly doubt it is Nathema. Is she looking for something or someone? Or is she surveying the battle damage? It’s kind of odd to be doing it in the dark, perhaps she participated in the battle? It certainly looks like a battle took place. Or was it a massacre by a sole assailant? It’s possible Senya is searching for the culprit behind the massacre.

Who is the mystery person? Is it the same person in the Star Wars Celebration Europe Teaser image? I believe so. Did the mystery person kill all those Zakuul Knights? Could it be Vaylin? Possible, but unlikely. It would depend on when the events in the Teaser happened.

SWCE Teaser Image.

A Quick Refresher

We now have three teaser clips from the upcoming Blur Cinematic Trailer. Two of them feature Senya, one features a child while another has a child present and one has a mysterious hooded figure make an appearance.

The first Teaser ‘Chamber’ released last week features an incredibly powerful child performing a ritual.

The second Teaser shown on the Star Wars Show, features Senya defending a child from some attackers who are dressed in Nathema Zealots armor.

Senya defending a child (who is standing behind her) from unknown attackers.

The final Teaser ‘Shadow’ features Senya, alone, surveying the scene of a battle when a mysterious person appears.

Trailer Speculation

So, where to begin? I believe it is likely that the Trailer will take place over different time settings and feature different places just like the ‘Sacrifice’ Trailer does. In two of the Teaser’s, Senya appears to be on the one planet. However, the child is not present in the ‘Shadow’ Teaser but is present in the Star Wars Show Teaser. The state of Senya’s armor in both of her Teaser’s is also noteworthy. In one it is clean and in the other it bares the marks of battle. Also in the Star Wars Show Teaser, she is using a Lightsaber. In the Shadow Teaser, she is using a Lightsaber Pike. Therefore, it is likely that the events depicted in both of Senya’s Teaser’s take place at different times and in different settings.

Notably, Senya also appears to be much younger in both of the Trailer teasers she’s featured in then she is in Knights of the Fallen Empire. She does not have any white/grey stripes in her hair like she has in KOTFE. Therefore, I think it’s possible to speculate that the Trailer features events that took place many years before the events of KOTFE. Note that in the SWCE Teaser image, she is holding a Lightsaber Pike like she is in the ‘Shadow’ Teaser. It is likely that the ‘Shadow’ Teaser scene preludes what is happening in the SWCE Teaser Image.

Senya in both Teasers and in KOTFE (click on image to see larger version).

It is plausible to assume that the mysterious hooded person in the Shadow Teaser is the same person featured in the SWCE Teaser Image. I have also previously speculated that the child in the ‘Chamber’ Teaser is the mysterious hooded figure in the SWCE Teaser Image. If this is correct, then the Trailer definitely takes place over different timelines.

Based on the evidence above, I do not believe the mystery person is Vaylin (or Arcann or Thexan) like many have speculated. The mystery person/child is, I believe, someone we have not encountered previously. I have seen speculation that Senya perhaps had another child? She might have only realised after she left Valkorion she was with child and choose not to tell him or her other children?

The ‘Nathema Zealots’ (see my previous article) are also a new group of people we have not seen before. The naming of the armor implies that they are possibility aligned with Vitiate/Valkorion. All we know as that they do not seem to like Senya (or the child). Why would Senya (and the child) be attacked by anyone associated with Vitiate/Valkorion? He certainly doesn’t have anything against her. It doesn’t make much sense at all. But even if the child isn’t her’s and she’s just protecting them, then who would be after them? Without any further evidence to their identity, there is no way we can deduct exactly who the ‘Zealots’ are or what their intentions are.

The tattoos on the child are eerily similar to the tattoos on the mystery person.

Finally, I wanted to talk about Nathema. There are many people speculating due to datamined story excerpts (Nathema is allegedly ‘mentioned’) and the naming of the Nathema Zealots Robes (coming soon to the Cartel market) that Senya is on Nathema.

Let me spell this out as plainly as I can: SENYA IS NOT ON NATHEMA!

No one is on Nathema. Anyone that goes there’s doesn’t stay for very long. If you want to read a very vivid description of Nathema, read the first few pages of Chapter 15 of the Revan novel (you’ll also learn Vitiate’s back story too). Trust me, Lord Scourge only stayed for a couple of minutes, if that. Or, hop on your character’s Starship and fly to the planet Ziost. Go down to planet and refresh yourself on how bleak and grey and devoid of life it is.

Also, unless Valkorion was open about has past with Senya, which according to Chapter 7 of KOTFE doesn’t seem to be the case, then there is no way she (or anyone from Zakuul) knows where Nathema is.

Nathema may come up the Knights of the Eternal Throne story. But, I doubt the trailer will take place there or that Senya has ever been there (unless she runs into Lord Scourge).

So who is this mysterious person/child? What was the ritual they performed? Why have they turned against Senya? Who are the ‘Zealots’? How does Vitiate/Valkorion fit into all of this (if he does)? There’s still a lot of questions and the evidence really doesn’t add up. Even when we do see the Trailer in full, we still won’t have all our answers. Despite this, I’m very much looking forward to seeing the new Cinematic Trailer.

What are your theories? Are you looking forward to seeing the Trailer?


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