Thoughts on SWTOR’s Commendation & Crystal Conversion Rates

Hey everyone,

Eric Musco has announced the conversion rates for Commendations and Crystals into credits.


If you’ve been out of the loop on SWTOR, they’re taking Commendations and Crystals out of the game when 5.0 hits to make way for their new Galactic Command Gearing System.

The conversion will be taking place on November 29, the day of early access to KOTET. The credits will be automatically rewarded to you. But you can only get a maximum of 2 Million Credits regardless of the number of Commendations and Crystals you have.1.

I calculated how many credits I would get from my Commendation’s and Crystals on my Mercenary, Xam Xam.

  • 26,587 Commendations = 1,329,350 Credits
  • 572 Common = 286,000 Credits
  • 329 Glowing = 329,000 Credits
  • 248 Radiant = 372,000 Credits
  • Total = 2, 316,350 Credits

So as you can see, I am over the 2 million credit limit.

I’m assuming they were able to look and see how many Commendations and Crystals the player base had and made their conversion calculations from there. To put things into perspective, 200,000 Warzone Commendations is worth 10 Million Credits with their conversion rate. So it’s understandable why the conversion rate is reasonably small and why there is a 2 Million Credit limit. I have no issue with the conversion rates.

We certainly now know why they suddenly decided to make Warzone Commendations Grants bind on pick-up with such little notice. They did it ensure that PvPers with a lot of commendations wouldn’t be able to spread them around to their alts to get lot’s of credits.

The timing of the announcement that Warzone Commendation Grants would be bind on pickup verses the announcement of the conversion rates of Commendations and Crystals is a low blow. They almost certainly had it planned out this way and I have no doubt they had already determined the conversion rate for at least the Commendations before they announced the Grants would be BOP.

Another slap in the face for the PvPers who already feel jaded by SWTOR’s new RNG gearing system. SWTOR has become very good at knowing how to enrage the player base.

Are you satisfied with the conversion rates? Are you unhappy with how they’ve handled Warzone Commendation Tokens?


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  • ethu

    Would it be so bad to convert them into something useful for the GC instead of … credits? As if there weren’t enough of these already. Ah well.