The SWTOR SDCC Community Cantina Scandal! #MalgusGate

Hey everyone,

It’s time to set the record straight. To find the truth.

Like many others, I was eagerly hanging on for every tweet from the SWTOR Story Panel. Then Will Griggs from The Usual Podcast tweeted this gem!

Needless to say SWTOR fans were ecstatic that one of their most beloved characters from the SWTOR franchise was finally  making a comeback! The excitement was spread! The fans rejoiced!

Malgus even put in a word, in a way only he can.

Then came the questions and the theories. How was Malgus going to fit into the story? Were we going to get to team up with him? I myself was very curious to know why they decided to bring him back after all this time:

Then the unthinkable happened! A spanner was thrown into the works and the fans were crushed.

It was assumed by many, from the footage shown, that Malgus was coming back. Without any context or clarification from Bioware, we assumed the best possible outcome and were punished for it.

Malgus is a revered and sacred character in SWTOR. Many fans are still unhappy, to this day, that he was ‘killed off’ so easily. Hence why so many were insulted that Bioware would play with their feelings this way! HOW DARE THEY?!

There was anger! Tears! Frustration! The fans were pissed. Their beloved hero was never coming back.

But hope, was not lost.

Many began to wonder, ‘why go to all that trouble?’. Indeed. Why would Blur go to all the trouble to make ‘concept’ footage, specifically of Malgus. Then have the SWTOR Lead Writer deny that Malgus was coming back?

Thus #MalgusGate was created. To ultimately seek out the truth. Was it a petty hoax to troll the fans? Or, is Malgus really coming back and they want to conceal it? As Vulkk pointed out:

The focus of the ‘Sacrifice’ trailer was about ‘a Man and his twin sons and themes and stuff’. Malgus, without question, would’ve stole all of the attention of the fans from the main characters of the trailer.

Then, at the Cantina, the saga continued. The fans confronted Charles Boyd:


Is this what they want then? For the fans to believe that just because Malgus was cut from the trailer that that will mean he’s not coming back ever?

Well, we won’t be bought off so easy! Except with free Cartel Coins *cough* But that’s not the point…

Malgus also chimed in and gave us an update on his situation:

Hmm.. Well, that certainly leaves us with more questions then answers.. Some more bleeding obvious then others..

But, ultimately for the true fans, all they want is Malgus. Is he ever coming back? Were they just toying with our hopes in a vain attempt to stop the raiders unsubbing? Were Blur just pulling an innocent stunt? Who knows?

Thus #MalgusGate will continue on in the hearts of SWTOR fans to find the truth and bring balance to the force and all that other inspirational gibberish!


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  • I just wanted to say that I really liked this post. (And pressing the WordPress “like” button never works for me for some reason.)

  • HuNtOziO

    This was a great post, that malgus shaft rumours part absolutely cracked me up! xD