The Super Late SWTOR Weekly: More Promises?

Hey everyone,

Sorry this is super late, some real life stuff has happened which I’ll briefly mention later on in the post. I’ve also slightly extended the amount of time I’m covering in this weekly. At least you’ll all know I’m still alive. So what’s happened recently in SWTOR (March 9-17)?

(There will be no Vlog this week as I didn’t have time to do one, for good reasons^^).

Upping Their Game?

Musco came out with a few Dev Posts talking about how they’re dealing with win-traders and griefers/trolls in Ranked Arena’s…

win trading

Ahaha ha ha. Yeah nah.

So apparently they’re using ‘data’ as their main means of tracking people’s behaviour in ranked arena’s and player reports as a secondary option. All they’ve done at this stage is give out warnings and that seems to be all they’re going to do.

After the Ravagers Exploitgate Saga and seeing how little people were punished for that, there isn’t much to deter people for being jerks in Ranked PvP. I don’t have the confidence that they’ll deter people from participating in this behaviour that ruins the ‘spirit’ of Ranked.

Of course, they should give warnings first but if that doesn’t work (it won’t) they need to wipe this persons rating at the end of the season and make sure they do not get any rewards. Temporary suspensions will not deter people.

dro cantina


They have now released the details of the SWTOR Cantina at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim! So it’ll probably get cancelled due to the chance of a freak tornado, right? Anyway, hopefully (if it goes ahead) it will be interesting and informative for those of you attending Star Wars Celebration.

Speaking of giving us information, Musco announced that they’re finally doing the live stream to make up for the Cantina in Boston being cancelled. It’s happening this Friday 3pm CDT (Saturday 7am AEDT). So it will be interesting to see how it goes and you can expect me to blog about it.

Dev stream


This week for community highlights and news I decided to highlight an awesome podcast! I’ve been listening to Ootinicast live for a few months now (when I can) but I just wanted to highlight in particular the latest episode as it was really good! Snave and Krantiko (YouTuber) were the guests on the show. It featured some great discussion about PvP! You can listen to it here or watch the unedited video version here.

Secondly I wanted to congratulate Snave for his partnership with Hitbox officially starting last Friday! You can watch him stream regstar Warzones on his regstar PvE server, with entertaining commentary on his Channel

Finally, coming soon™ there will be a Kickball 8v8 Huttball Tournament on the PTS. It was originally scheduled for this weekend but it is being postponed because the PTS is going down… If you want to find out more about how it’s going to work, check out the Reddit thread thingy.

What did I get up to this week?

Well, this week something very special happened which, if you follow me on Twitter, you all ready know about. But TLDR I met a guy, from the US, in SWTOR over 2 years ago and we just met in person for the first time! You’ll get to hear more about it in the next few days! I’ll do a Blog post (and possibly a Vlog as well) about it!

Andy and I sunset
A more recent snap of our characters in game. ^^

So TLDR I didn’t get much chance to play SWTOR, let alone PvP..

What did you get up to this week? How do you think this week’s Dev Stream will go?

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  • They don’t get freak tornadoes in California, but maybe an earthquake!

    Particularly in MMOs, I have noticed that devs like to avoid using the ban hammer as much as possible. I can only assume it is because of the bottom line – money. I feel that if these individuals are ruining other people’s experiences, then a more substantial ban (2 weeks minimum with no refund) makes more sense than the few day bans during the Revan exploit.

  • I’ve been listening to Ootinicast for a little while now and have noticed them reading your name off when going over the people in the chat room. I can never catch it live, so you haven’t seen me around there. Though I was the Zernebog that won this week’s Tip of the Week. If you like listening to PvP related podcasts, might I also suggest the Bad Feeling Podcast. Chuck and Brian are absolutely hilarious (though there is a lot t of toilet humor). I have been dabbling in PvP on my new PT tank (Ja’rilo on the Ebon Hawk server), and oh my god I suck! Even in the lowbie tier I suck. I have heard that you wrote a guide to Merc PvP. I should try to find it and read it-being from the same starter class I am sure it will still be at least somewhat applicable. Anyway! Great post as always, XamXam, I look forward to the next.

    • Thank you 🙂 and yes, I do listen to Bad Feeling Podcast. Love those guys!

  • Nemerequired

    BioWare should hire some professionals who know what they are doing.