The Slot Machine Debacle: Thoughts and Suggestions

Hey everyone,

The new talk on the town over the past couple of weeks has been about the new Contraband Cartel Slot Machine Decor. Basically they worked much like the slot machines from the Night Life Event where you buy coins, click on the Slot Machine Decor and Bam! You have a chance to get Cartel Certificates, Contraband Cartel Reputation Tokens and the crafting Scrap Tokens.

There was, initially, a lot of both positive and negative feedback about the slot machines. Most negativity came from complaints about the impact it was happening on the game economy. It did cause the price of purples crafting mats to fall a lot. But for the most part people were enjoying the slot machines and finding them more satisfying and worthwhile than the Life Night Event.

Winning a Cartel Certificate back in the day...
Winning a Cartel Certificate back in the day…

Then all of a sudden. Boom! They commissioned the Hulk and he SMASHED the drop rate chances nerfing the Slot Machines BIG TIME! Swtor_potato datamined and posted on Reddit the new drop rates and.. Well… They’ve made the Slot Machines redundant. The rate of crafting Scrap Token drops was reduced dramatically and they increased the chance of you not getting anything at all to 45%.

So that’s pretty lame eh?

The Community for the most part was not overly impressed with the nerf and felt that Bioware had gone too far. (Also the fact that they’ve brought it up on the forums every single fucking day since it happened..)  Some even going as far as to demand compensation which is quite ludicrous. At the very least the price of the purple crafting mats should normalise again. But the rest of the changes they made aren’t very ideal.


At the Community Cantina at Pax South they said that they made a mistake with drop rates particularly with the Jawa Junk and were going to be much more cautious about the drop rates of items in future. Especially ones that could ruin the economy. They looked at the data and were like ‘oh shit we screwed up’. They realised the player feedback was right and they seem to regret the impact it had on crew skills. If you want to hear for yourself what was said here’s the Q&A (at the point when question about the slot machines was asked).

Bioware has alluded both on the forums and at the Pax South Cantina, that they will be adding more Slot Machine Decor to the game in the future.. So I thought it would be appropriate to discuss the potential the slot machines have. What could they do to improve them and what could they add as drops? But first of all…

Me playing on my Boyfriend's Slot Machine...

What should have they done instead?

Instead of nerfing the drop rates of everything to the ground, they should have left the drop rates of the cartel certificates the same, only reduced the drop rate of Assorted Droid Parts (Blue) and Scavenged Scrap (Green) a little bit (maybe 15-20%) and (as was done) significantly reduce the chance of getting Jawa Junk (Purple).

In my view the amount of Assorted Droid Parts and Scavenged Junk that people could get from the slots is less of a big deal as you can already acquire those easily through Conquests. The Jawa Junk, however, is harder to get from Conquests. So it should be the same with the Slot Machines. They should be a rare drop.

The cost of the coins themselves (750 credits) is alright in my view. Obviously 500 credits is better and easier to do math with but oh well.

What items could they add as drops for upcoming Slot Machines?

I loved this suggestion from Reddit:

Reddit slot suggestionI don’t think they should go too overboard with adding rare stuff. But some things like the armor mentioned above, rare (or unique) mounts, rare colour dyes and rare decor would be a great addition and give many an incentive to use the slot machines. Obviously don’t make the drops super rare like the Rancor from the Night Life Event was but I reckon balance can be achieved.

I think the concept behind the slot machines is great. Giving us an alternative means to build up our reputation with the various Cartel Organisations is a great initiative. It is also great that they found a way to add something new and interesting for Strongholds!

Bioware, please don’t get discouraged from adding in more slot machines. There are many of us who love the idea and would in fact love to see more decorations you can interact with to put in our strongholds in the future!

How do you think the should have responded to the Slot Machine debacle? What would you like to see drop from future Slot Machines?

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