The Perception of SWTOR in the Greater Gaming Community and Other Thought’s

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EA recently announced that they’re closing down a few of their Free to Play titles. The titles include Battlefield Heroes™, Battlefield™ Play4FreeNeed for Speed™ World and FIFA World. In the announcement post, on the EA website, they also gave special mention to SWTOR and emphasised how well it was doing.

Well, this didn’t go over so well for some people…

This line, from PC Gamer’s article about EA’s press release, perfectly sums up the perception of SWTOR in the greater gaming community..

swtor is a crime

So apparently, according to PC Gamer, the mere existence of SWTOR is a crime**. It’s ‘trendy’ to view SWTOR as this great failure and to spew hatred on it whenever there is a news article on it. Yes, this happens to all other MMO’s as well, a recent example being Wildstar. But SWTOR also has the added stigma of being associated with a famous brand that is loved and cherished all over the world. And with the fallout from the Prequel trilogy, well yeah, people still hold grudges.

gl child ruinedOther gaming website’s don’t care much for SWTOR either. Gamespot’s article on EA’s closure of F2P Games has SWTOR in the title of the article yet, doesn’t even get it right calling it ‘The Republic’ instead. So that goes to show how much they care about SWTOR. And there’s the comment sections of gaming websites all filled to the brim with stupid fucktards who have nothing better to do then troll and be miserable about everything.

Most of the people who hate on SWTOR are the ‘MMO hipsters’ who came and hung out at launch then pissed off after a couple months. A lot of the bitching you see about the game, outside of the SWTOR Community, is unwarranted and unjustified by these people. Then there’s the bandwagon jumpers who just show up for no apparent reason just to be assholes. Many of the issues from launch have since been fixed, as regular player’s know. Ultimately these people are just trolls with no lives.

Let me just clarify, before you lot get your titties in a bunch about jon snow nothingme saying people have no right to bitch about SWTOR, because they most certainly do. The bitching within the Community or from those who’ve had years of experience playing SWTOR is most certainly justified, especially when it comes to PvP and population. Those hipsters who played at launch for a month or two then never came back know nothing and should stop being winy bitches for the sake of it.

EA’s Stance on SWTOR

Well, it’s interesting that in their announcement they went to all the trouble to emphasise how well SWTOR is doing, like, a whole paragraphs worth..

ea press screeny

If they want to hype the game, then they need to do a way better job then they are. Their approach is shit at the moment. It’s also quite hilarious how they think the community is enthusiastic about the game. Sure there are some parts of the community who live in fairyland and think the Devs extrude rainbows out of their assholes (or pretend to think that for brownie points)*. And yes, ultimately it was just ‘marketing speak’ but, does this go to show how delusional they are? Are they aware of the increasing number of players particularly PvPers, and others, who are becoming increasingly frustrated with SWTOR?

In any case EA seems interested enough in the game to keep investing in it. Their new emphasis on story-driven content, however, is very concerning. What about the rest of the game?

a screenshot

Does SWTOR Deserve Better Recognition?

Well to be fair, their communication skills aren’t the best and they’ve had there fair share of failures. At the same time I can’t help but think if they were much better at communicating both on social media and on the forums and were less secretive, then maybe they would have a better rapport with the SWTOR Community. The Devs don’t interact or talk about the game very much at all. That’s why there is the perception in the community that the Devs don’t care or 8bd8a4207c0ef5b8f3b0c12286728c16don’t listen because they’re so quiet.

With the issues in the game especially relating to PvP and population, it’s a hard call. If they’re going to continue to emphasise story-driven content and focus on that, then there’s no point in calling SWTOR an MMO is there? Especially if they’re not going to bother developing other content. Story content doesn’t keep people engaged for very long in an MMO setting because it doesn’t take that long to complete. So that leads to boredom, which leads to frustration, which leads to people not logging in.

My feeling at the moment is that if they don’t pull their heads out of their asses and change their tact soon, then there is zero point in them promoting their game. They have to improve on their communication and show the player’s that they understand/know their concerns at that they’re developing new content that the player’s want.

titsSWTOR is a good game and can be a lot of fun. But they need to continue pumping out new content to keep us interested. I know the process of developing new warzones and operations takes time. This is why communication and interaction with the player’s is essential. Constructive criticism from the right sources, particularly those who’ve had/have extensive experience with the game, is also a vital tool for the Devs. Not the butt hurt trolling hipsters who think F2P is the worst thing in existence and offer nothing of value. It’s harder to come across good criticism  as people don’t see the point in voicing their thoughts because it just gets ignored (or it feels that way).

But there’s still a small slither of hope that they might announce something at the Star Wars Celebration Cantina that’s actual playable content and not fluff? Am I right? Haha! Did I make you laugh?

So, what do you think about the state of SWTOR? Is the greater gaming community right to be skeptical?

*Occasionally I do this thing called sarcasm. Yes I know there’s people genuinely enthusiastic and having fun in SWTOR and that’s great for them. But not everyone feels the same way. So learn to deal with it.

** EDIT: Okay I’ve now come to the realisation (thank you kind people for pointing it out) that I took what PC Gamer said in the completely wrong direction. They weren’t saying that SWTOR should have been cancelled as well, like I interpreted it. They were actually kind of backwards praising SWTOR.

I somehow, when reading that line got inspired to write the word vomit that culminated in this blog post. So I think the overall point or gist if you will, of my post still stands. But I do apologise nonetheless for my misinterpretation. I’m pretty embarrassed to be honest and I’m not afraid to admit that either. So now I need to find someone to read my posts for me before they’re published.

But still, feel free to make fun of me, mock me or whatever it’s okay. I don’t care.

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  • Fridge

    How you got “the mere existence of SWTOR is a crime,” from the statement, “Their crime? Not being Star Wars: The Old Republic,” is baffling to me. The writing in question states the exact opposite: the games being shut down (Battlefield Heroes etc.) are being shut down because they are not like SWTOR.

    • Yeah it’s being pointed out to me already on Twitter as well… I somehow read it yesterday as them saying it was a crime they didn’t can SWTOR as well..

      I’ve reread it now and realise they’re not really saying that so ugh. I fucked up. I realise that and accept that. But I still think the overall point of my article still stands.. Maybe.. I’m editing my post anyways.. Sigh.

      • Patchwork

        Well that *is* funny that you misinterpreted that article’s meaning, but I understand why you did. Dogging on ToR has definitely been a past-time for many of these “MMO hipsters” and you put the point well XamXam. I have always been a bit defensive over ToR because it’s something that I spend a lot of time with and feel that it’s a great game even with all it’s faults, as well as the transparency issues that Bioware Austin seems to struggle with. I feel it’s unjust for these pseudo nerds to lump ToR in with Wildstar or worse yet, ESO. These hipsters definitely prove to me that their experience with the game is marginal at best.
        Great article Xam, keep up the good work for the community.