The Grind of Chance – The Sacrilege of SWTOR

What the hell.

The SWTOR Devs have unexpectedly decided to throw traditional MMO gearing and progression out the window, make a bonfire out of it and run over the smouldering remains.

What’s left is Galactic Command, a one size fits all solution riddled in RNG, a favourite mechanic of the SWTOR Devs, that enables even the lowliest of solo content player to earn the best of the best gear traditionally reserved for the most hardcore, group content loving players.

Basically, they’ve copied the RNG from Cartel Packs, fused it with the Dark vs. Light Event and turned it into end-game gearing progression free for all where noob and elitist, PvPer and PvEer will be on par, equals if you will. The noob will do the easiest of the snooze-fest content grind for ridiculously sweet loots while the elitist will waste their time doing the most challenging, hard content for no gain.


RIP to exclusivity and bragging rights, the cornerstone of the traditional MMO. The holy, sacred domain of the elitist, hardcore player, desecrated!

Why leave gearing to chance?

You’re supposed to get rewarded for killing the big bad guy monster tentacle thing. To savour your hard earned gear and dance on the corpses of your enemies in said gear not sit around calculating how much and what content you’ll have to do to maybe get a chance of earning the gear you need.

A pure RNG system for earning end-game gear as an absurd idea. It takes away our agency and forces us into a stressful grind for gear that any monkey can do for a chance to get the best of the best gear. Being able to earn the best gear, albeit at a slower pace doing easy content diminishes its value and purpose.

When SWTOR did the chapter a month release of story for KOTFE, it not only diminished the overall quality of the story but it also took away the player’s agency to choose how and when they wanted to play through the story. The SWTOR Devs have apparently learnt their lesson and are releasing all the chapters of KOTET at once. Yet now, they insist on taking away player agency again with such a ridiculous grind of chance to gear?

We can not choose how and when we gear with such an unpredictable system for distributing gear. We do not want to be beholden to the RNG gods, to chance or lady luck for reward. We crave certainty that our efforts will reward us with what we need.

Imagine putting in all that effort grinding content to get Command Crates only to continually be rewarded with gear you do not need? How is that fair?

What is even the point of doing the hard content (like Operations) if you’re not going to be rewarded for your efforts with better gear so you can progress further? Ones e-peen cannot be satiated by chance.

Learn to MMO math already. The best loot/gear should be for the good players who successfully get through the hard content and the sub-par, crappy gear goes to the noobs who do the easy, boring content.

That is the way of the MMO, of RPG games, it’s just how life works (I refuse to believe IRL exists).

And the PvP gearing process currently is fair for everyone. It ensures everyone has an equal chance to earn the commendations they need to get the best gear at their own pace. This RNG grind fest system takes away the even playing field and turns it into a lottery. Who wants to leave getting gear to chance? Especially when your typical PvPer wants to have the best gear ASAP so they can actually be competitive.

With the purpose for doing hard content completely diminished by this stupid lottery system, people are going to find the easiest, laziest way possible to earn the crates and spam it until they finally get the gear they need. They will exploit the system however they can. Thus harder and more time-consuming content will no longer be done as frequently.

Why bother when the effort isn’t guaranteed to be rewarded?

My god. What have you done SWTOR? How could you turn your back on the MMO you once were. It was said you would conqueror the WoW beast not decimate yourself instead then desecrate the MMO genre in the process.

If this so called Galactic Command had just been a cute new interface to queue for content then perhaps all would be forgiven when you finally give us new Operations. But damn it, Jim! You just had to go ruin a good thing, didn’t you?! (Oh whoops! Wrong franchise).

Bring out the torches and pitchforks. We can not allow SWTOR to desecrate the MMO genre any further. Rise up in arms! Write to SWTOR everywhere you know. Tell them how you feel. Tell them how you want the MMO that once was back.

How do you feel about the grind of chance to gear your characters? Will you be partaking in the worst lottery of all time?


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