My Most Frustrating and Most Satisfying Warzone Experiences

For a bit of fun recently, I had my Twitter followers guess which one of my characters was my second highest geared (it’s pretty obvious who is my most geared). Those who guessed the correct class and advanced class got to pick a topic for me to write about. Two people […]

Should SWTOR Bring Back 8 v 8 Ranked?

Recently I wrote in My Ultimate PvP Wishlist how I wanted to see 8 v 8 Ranked PvP return to Star Wars The Old Republic. I have since thought of some additional things I wish to say. Specifically, I wanted to elaborate further on how they could make it a […]

SWTOR PTS is Live with New Warzone and Arena

Hey everyone, The PTS is now live and can be patched with Game Update 4.3. Notably, the new Warzone called ‘Alliance Proving Ground’ and the new Rishi Arena are available for testing. The Patch Notes are also available, which you can see below or read them here. Notable highlights include the PvE […]