Guide: How to Discover the Eckard Lokin Secret Achievements

Hey everyone, I’m sure many of you have been taking the chance, with the Rakghoul event on, to finally be able to recruit Lokin into your alliance! What you may not have realised is that there are some secret achievements associated with Lokin. There was quite a bit of discussion […]

SWTOR Pax Prime Make-up Livestream – Thoughts and Suggestions

Better late then never right? Hey everyone, Here’s my review and thoughts on the Livestream they did on the 26th August. The purpose of the stream was to do something to make up for the cancellation of the Community Cantina they were going to have at Pax Prime. So they did […]

SWTOR Community Cantina at Star Wars Celebration Livestream Review

Hey everyone, As you all know, there was a Community Cantina at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and for the first time ever, it was live-streamed on ESL! So everyone, regardless of where they’re situated in the galaxy, was able to participate in the Cantina, by chatting away in the unmoderated ESL […]