SWTOR Weekly – Story Story Story

Hey everyone! This week in Star Wars The Old Republic news (14-18), we had a ‘sit by the fire’ Story Dev Live Stream with Charles Boyd and Eric Musco and a KOTET Story Teaser Trailer. So there wasn’t all that much news this week. But let’s talk about what news there […]

SWTOR Weekly – Ch-ch-changes

Hey everyone, This week in SWTOR news, there were more announcements of changes leading us into Game Update 5.0 and more Community shenanigans. So let’s sum up what’s happened this week! SWTOR News Cartel Market Pass Removal, Content Access & WZ Item Changes Eric Musco addressed why they removed Warzone and […]

SWTOR Weekly – The Return of P2P

Hey everyone! I don’t know if anyone remembers when I used to do these kinds of posts, but I’ve decided to resurrect them. Basically, I go over all the news for the week, the blog posts I wrote and highlight community content! So, here goes. SWTOR News and Blog Posts […]

SWTOR Weekly: Misunderstood

Hey everyone, First off, I apologise for not doing one of these last week. With all the excitement for Star Wars Celebration and the disappointment from the SWTOR Cantina, I figured I’d written enough other blog posts for the week. I decided to take a break from writing to try […]

The Super Late SWTOR Weekly: More Promises?

Hey everyone, Sorry this is super late, some real life stuff has happened which I’ll briefly mention later on in the post. I’ve also slightly extended the amount of time I’m covering in this weekly. At least you’ll all know I’m still alive. So what’s happened recently in SWTOR (March 9-17)? (There […]

SWTOR Weekly: Sigh..

Hey everyone, So this week in SWTOR (02-08 March) everything got cancelled, everything was preliminary, everything got Sithy and everything…yeah okay, you get the idea. But anyway, here’s what happened this week in SWTOR!   Yes, They Cancelled the Operations Speedrun E-Sport Tournament Musco announced at the beginning of the week […]