My Cartel Pack Decoration Wishlist

Inspired by the Second Bad Feeling Buvette (or Twovette), I have decided to write up my own list of Decorations from old Cartel Market Packs that need to make a comeback. I wholeheartedly agree with Brian that there are far too many decorations that are very difficult to get and […]

A Tour of my Manaan Stronghold

At last! I finally got my Manaan Stronghold to 100%! It was quite an exhausting task given the limiting hook placements (as I discussed in my review of the Stronghold) but I persisted nonetheless. The Stronghold has a Resort theme (yes, original I know) but it was easy to work with. […]

Untapped Potential – My Manaan Stronghold Review

Manaan is the setting of Star Wars The Old Republic’s latest Stronghold that just came out with Game Update 5.3 (July 11th). It is quite small (compared to Yavin) with a total of four expansions. The setting of the Stronghold is tranquil and the architecture is lovely. But, this is […]

First Glimpse of the New Stronghold!

Today the SWTOR Game Update Page was updated with information about Game Update 5.3 including officially finally confirming what we all have long suspected. That the new Stronghold coming out is indeed on Manaan! This image was included on the Game Update page (click on the image to enlarge). We […]

How SWTOR Could Improve Stronghold Decoration Accessibility

SWTOR has made some strides in improving accessibility to good Decorations recently. With the return of the Nightlife Event came a new Vendor full of brand new items to buy. Among those items were a few brand new, phenomenal decorations which all have an interactable component. It really is fantastic to […]

SWTOR Developer Stream: Yavin IV Stronghold & Togruta Review

Hey everyone, The Devs finally did another stream where they showed off some new upcoming content. So what did Musco and Toby talk about? How well did they communicate with the players? What was Announced on the Stream? Togruta They are still working on the Togruta species so no colour variations […]