Facebook Live Q&A with Timothy Zahn

Star Wars The Old Republic is doing a Facebook Live Q&A with none other than Timothy Zahn. The Q&A will be happening on Thursday 7th December at 2 pm PST / 10 pm GMT on Facebook. Timothy Zahn contributed to SWTOR’s latest story instalment, A Traitor Among The Chiss a Flashpoint set […]

How SWTOR Could Improve Stronghold Decoration Accessibility

SWTOR has made some strides in improving accessibility to good Decorations recently. With the return of the Nightlife Event came a new Vendor full of brand new items to buy. Among those items were a few brand new, phenomenal decorations which all have an interactable component. It really is fantastic to […]

Umbara – What we know from The Clone Wars

We know very little about the Flashpoint ‘Crisis on Umbara’ coming to Star Wars The Old Republic in Game Update 5.4 (August 22nd). We don’t know why the Eternal Alliance Commander will go there or what role Umbara will play in the story. All we know for sure is that […]

Celebrating 40 Years of Star Wars – What Star Wars has Meant to Me

I haven’t even been alive for as long as Star Wars has existed. I was introduced to Star Wars by my family in my early Teens. They showed me the Original Trilogy films, first, in the Prequel Trilogy Era. I’ve been hooked ever since. I saw Revenge of the Sith at […]

Outfits from Star Wars I’d love to see in SWTOR

As a follow up to my Cartel Market Armour that should be Re-skinned Post, I wanted to talk about my favourite outfits from the Star Wars Universe I’d love to see some variation of in Star Wars The Old Republic. As much as I’d love to see these exact outfits, I’d be […]

Announcement! It’s time to Expand – Changes coming to Xam Xam Says

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this blog and why I write about Star Wars The Old Republic (and occasionally other MMO’s). In particular, why I keep this website running despite the high cost and little gain (not just monetary, but recognition and exposure) I get from doing so. I […]

My Favourite SWTOR Companions – Imperial Edition

One of the unique things about Star Wars The Old Republic is the Companion system. Everyone regardless of the type of content they prefer has Companions they love and Companions they love to hate. So I decided to have a bit of fun and discuss who my favourite and least […]

Everything we know about Game Update 5.2 The War of Iokath

A compendium of everything we know so far about Game Update 5.2 all in the one spot. I will keep this updated as more details are revealed whether it be on the Developer Tracker, Twitter, Livestream etc. Game Update 5.2 The War on Iokath has been delayed and will now be released on […]

Tributes to Carrie Fisher in Star Wars The Old Republic

You have all no doubt heard the news of Carrie Fisher’s passing. I am devasted. In Star Wars the Old Republic, players have been congregating outside and inside of House Organa on Alderaan to pay their respects to Carrie on different Servers. #RIPCarrie #swtor #swtorfamily #tre pic.twitter.com/yYWlalJDrn — Susanne Leetz […]

Review and Discussion: Knights of the Eternal Throne Story

Knights of the Eternal Throne was a wonderfully paced, intense, heartbreaking masterpiece! It has succeeded where Knights of the Fallen Empire failed. There were no drawn out, wasted diversions, such as companion recruiting. The story came together faster and a lot of loose ends were tied up satisfactorily. The pacing between dramatic […]