Umbara – What we know from The Clone Wars

We know very little about the Flashpoint ‘Crisis on Umbara’ coming to Star Wars The Old Republic in Game Update 5.4 (August 22nd). We don’t know why the Eternal Alliance Commander will go there or what role Umbara will play in the story. All we know for sure is that […]

Comprehensive Iokath Story Discussion

This post contains a brief non-spoiler section then delves full-on into spoilers for the Iokath story. The Iokath story is a continuation of the story post-Knights of the Eternal Throne. I’ve done the story (so far) on my Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight who sided with their respective class factions. […]

My Favourite SWTOR Companions – Imperial Edition

One of the unique things about Star Wars The Old Republic is the Companion system. Everyone regardless of the type of content they prefer has Companions they love and Companions they love to hate. So I decided to have a bit of fun and discuss who my favourite and least […]

SWTOR Weekly Fan Art Appreciation Post – All about them Sith

Hey, everyone! It’s time for another Fan Art appreciation post! I missed last weeks unfortunately because I was busy writing my initial review of the Knights od the Eternal Throne story. But I found some wonderful artwork on Tumblr to share with you all this week! I’ll never cease to […]

Review and Discussion: Knights of the Eternal Throne Story

Knights of the Eternal Throne was a wonderfully paced, intense, heartbreaking masterpiece! It has succeeded where Knights of the Fallen Empire failed. There were no drawn out, wasted diversions, such as companion recruiting. The story came together faster and a lot of loose ends were tied up satisfactorily. The pacing between dramatic […]

Announcement! I will be Streaming my Playthrough of KOTET!

Hey, everyone! I’m excited (and terrified) to announce that I will be streaming my playthrough of Knights of the Eternal Throne! Where: When: Starting 1 hour – 45mins before Patching for 5.0 ends. (Tuesday 7am PST, 9am CST, 3pm GMT, Wednesday 2am AEDT, 4am NZ) Class: Sith Warrior, Carnage Marauder. […]

SWTOR Weekly – Story Story Story

Hey everyone! This week in Star Wars The Old Republic news (14-18), we had a ‘sit by the fire’ Story Dev Live Stream with Charles Boyd and Eric Musco and a KOTET Story Teaser Trailer. So there wasn’t all that much news this week. But let’s talk about what news there […]

Essential Lore for KOTET Part 2 – Valkorion

Hey everyone, This post is part two of my Essential Lore series where I revisit of a couple of lore posts I wrote over a year ago. Part One dealt with more with Vitiate and is essential to read prior to this post. In this Part of the Essential Lore series, I […]

Essential Lore for KOTET Part 1 – Vitiate

Hey everyone, This post is essentially a revisit of a two lore posts I wrote over a year ago: Vitiate, Valkorion and the Zakuul Empire Part 2 and Vitiate, Valkorion and the Zakuul Empire Part 1. Both of these posts contained quite a bit of speculation, some of which has been […]

**SPOILERS** KOTET Story Sneak Peek Speculation and Thoughts

Hey everyone, At the end of the Story Revisited Dev Stream (where Charles and Eric talked about the new difficulty tiers for playing through story content), they showed a snippet from an upcoming Chapter of Knights of the Eternal Throne (the teaser starts at 44:34). If you do not wish to […]