8 Things We Learned from the Bad Feeling Podcast Interview

As this is an article about Bad Feeling Podcast, I’ve decided to waive my usual ‘no swearing in my writing rule’ just this once. On Friday the 22nd of September, Chuck and Brian from Bad Feeling Podcast sat down with Eric Musco, Community Manager and Charles Boyd, Creative Director to talk […]

Season 8 Ranked Rewards

The Season 8 Rewards for Ranked Arenas have finally been announced! So without further ado, let’s have a look at them! Tiers and Rewards Battle Flags and Character Portrait Flairs by Tier (click on an image to enlarge) Items you’ll be able to purchase from the vendor with your Season 8 […]

Should SWTOR Bring Back 8 v 8 Ranked?

Recently I wrote in My Ultimate PvP Wishlist how I wanted to see 8 v 8 Ranked PvP return to Star Wars The Old Republic. I have since thought of some additional things I wish to say. Specifically, I wanted to elaborate further on how they could make it a […]