SWTOR’s Missed Opportunity

Recently, over three weekends (26-27th February, 4-5th March, 11-12th March), Bioware organised playtesting sessions, on the PTS, for players to test the new Warzone, Odessen Proving Grounds and the new Arena, Rishi Cove. They announced the times on the forums and played along side the players incognito. No further effort […]

Thoughts on PTS Playtesting and Odessen Proving Grounds

Hey everyone, For the past couple of weekends I have been participating in Playtesting the new Warzone on the PTS, Odessen Proving Grounds and the new Arena, Rishi Cove. I’ve had a lot of fun on the PTS getting to play with various people in the community I normally wouldn’t […]

SWTOR PTS is Live with New Warzone and Arena

Hey everyone, The PTS is now live and can be patched with Game Update 4.3. Notably, the new Warzone called ‘Alliance Proving Ground’ and the new Rishi Arena are available for testing. The Patch Notes are also available, which you can see below or read them here. Notable highlights include the PvE […]

PTS PvP Testing with the Devs and SWTOR’s Increased Communication

Hey everyone, Musco announced a series of play testing sessions for everyone to come onto the PTS and test the new Warzone changes upcoming in Game Update 3.3! The session times are: Thursday June 11 2pm-5pm PDT / Thursday 10pm – Friday June 12 1am BST / Friday June 12 […]

Upcoming Game Update 3.3 PvP Gear Cost Changes & Comparisons

Hey everyone, Here are the PvP gear cost changes upcoming in Game Update 3.3 on the PTS compared to current PvP gear pricing. Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change. Note: Ranked Warzone (RWZ) Commendations are being removed entirely in Game Update 3.3. Exhumed Gear Cost Comparisons  […]

SWTOR Weekly: Misunderstood

Hey everyone, First off, I apologise for not doing one of these last week. With all the excitement for Star Wars Celebration and the disappointment from the SWTOR Cantina, I figured I’d written enough other blog posts for the week. I decided to take a break from writing to try […]

PTS Initial Impressions and Synopsis of Ziost Story (Non-Spoilers and Spoilers)

Hey everyone, I’ve been hanging out on the PTS and have completed the Ziost story line as far as you can go (they deliberately blocked it so you can’t finish it). I completed it on both factions on my Bounty Hunter and Trooper. I’m going to be covering both spoiler and […]