ESO Diaries – 200 Champion Level Hype

It’s been a while sine I reached level 50 thanks to the Jester Festival double XP Pie of Misrule and skyrocketed my first ~60 Champion Levels in one night. I’m still playing fairly frequently and have over 200 Champion Levels! I’m still enjoying Elder Scrolls Online I just haven’t had as […]

Everything we know about Game Update 5.2 The War of Iokath

A compendium of everything we know so far about Game Update 5.2 all in the one spot. I will keep this updated as more details are revealed whether it be on the Developer Tracker, Twitter, Livestream etc. Game Update 5.2 The War on Iokath has been delayed and will now be released on […]

Open World PvP on Iokath – Questions and Concerns

Recently, Eric Musco announced some new Open World PvP mechanics being introduced with Game Update 5.2 The War for Iokath. The new mechanics include: In open world PvP, enemies and allies will be determined by the Faction you choose to fight for, not the faction your Class is a part […]