Celebrating 40 Years of Star Wars – What Star Wars has Meant to Me

I haven’t even been alive for as long as Star Wars has existed. I was introduced to Star Wars by my family in my early Teens. They showed me the Original Trilogy films, first, in the Prequel Trilogy Era. I’ve been hooked ever since. I saw Revenge of the Sith at […]

SWTOR Weekly – Story Story Story

Hey everyone! This week in Star Wars The Old Republic news (14-18), we had a ‘sit by the fire’ Story Dev Live Stream with Charles Boyd and Eric Musco and a KOTET Story Teaser Trailer. So there wasn’t all that much news this week. But let’s talk about what news there […]

Player Harassment in SWTOR – Inaction and Consequences

Player harassment in the online gaming verse’ has been a problem for both developers and players since the inception of the medium. From the days of Ultima Online to the present day MMO’s (and all other types of online games) bullies and unpleasant souls hidden by the cyber shroud of anonymity […]

Bioware Re-announces Upcoming Fluff and Solo Content for their ‘MMO’

Pictured above: The anarchist Kaliyo aka Firebrand, not to be confused with the operations boss in Explosive Conflict. In an unprecedented* move, Bioware has re-announced an announcement! Players of Star Wars The Old Republic have known since the December Producer Livestream when to expect the next chapter of their solo, personal adventure in […]