Comprehensive Iokath Story Discussion

This post contains a brief non-spoiler section then delves full-on into spoilers for the Iokath story. The Iokath story is a continuation of the story post-Knights of the Eternal Throne. I’ve done the story (so far) on my Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight who sided with their respective class factions. […]

A Summary of the Knights of the Fallen Empire Story

With the release of the Knights of the Eternal Throne fast approaching, I figured it was worth recapping the Knights of the Fallen Empire story in ‘dot point’ form with a touch of humour. Knights of the Fallen Empire Summary Chapter 1 – The Hunt Darth Marr summons you to his ship, he’s searching […]

Knights of the Eternal Throne Story Predictions

Hey everyone, Here are a couple of my story predictions for Star Wars The Old Republic’s next expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne as well as what we know about it for sure. Note there are **SPOILERS** for Knights of the Eternal Empire. Chapter 16 Ending Foreshadowing Below is a screenshot from the […]