Everything we know about Game Update 5.2 The War of Iokath

A compendium of everything we know so far about Game Update 5.2 all in the one spot. I will keep this updated as more details are revealed whether it be on the Developer Tracker, Twitter, Livestream etc. Game Update 5.2 The War on Iokath has been delayed and will now be released on […]

It’s About Damn Time

As Pallais said on Twitter when the news broke: “The circle of loot in SWTOR is complete”. Yes, the Star Wars The Old Republic Developers have finally gone full circle on their controversial and unpopular RNG gearing grind fest. Gearing will be returning to how it was before 5.0 with Command […]

PvP Gearing Costs and Thoughts on the 5.1 PvP Gear Grind

On Friday, Eric Musco announced the specifics of the new gearing system coming out on the 24th of January as part of Game Update 5.1. Galactic Command Gearing Changes, 5.1 and Beyond Unassembled Components and Their Vendor Unassembled Pieces and Command Token Costs If you haven’t seen them yet or […]

Explanation and Feedback on Game Update 5.1 Endgame Gearing Changes

On the recent Holiday Producer Livestream, Eric Musco, Ben Irving and Charles Boyd revealed changes they were going to be making to endgame gearing come Game Update 5.1 which is set to be released on the 24th of January. If you missed the Stream, here is a summary of what they’re […]

Discussion on ways SWTOR could Compromise on Galactic Command Gearing with Comparisons to WildStar

Hey everyone, I have previously written about ways the Star Wars The Old Republic Developers could compromise on the Galactic Command Gearing System. I still prefer my ultimate solution of course. But it is clear that the SWTOR Developers will unlikely make any changes to the system at this stage. […]

SWTOR Weekly – Ch-ch-changes

Hey everyone, This week in SWTOR news, there were more announcements of changes leading us into Game Update 5.0 and more Community shenanigans. So let’s sum up what’s happened this week! SWTOR News Cartel Market Pass Removal, Content Access & WZ Item Changes Eric Musco addressed why they removed Warzone and […]

I’ve Resubscribed to SWTOR, but..

Hey everyone, I have resubscribed to Star Wars The Old Republic for the upcoming Knights of the Eternal Throne Game Update. Why? Primarily because I’m interested enough in the KOTET story that I want to play it for myself on my own characters. I also might update my Mercenary/Commando PvP Healing […]

Cartel Market Pass Removal, Content Access & WZ Item Changes

There’s a lot of news and announcements to cover so let’s get to it! The community discovered over the weekend that the SWTOR Devs had ninja removed Cartel Market Passes from the game that allowed unlimited access to various types of content in the game for preferred players. On Monday, […]

SWTOR Weekly – The Return of P2P

Hey everyone! I don’t know if anyone remembers when I used to do these kinds of posts, but I’ve decided to resurrect them. Basically, I go over all the news for the week, the blog posts I wrote and highlight community content! So, here goes. SWTOR News and Blog Posts […]