ESO Diaries – 200 Champion Level Hype

It’s been a while sine I reached level 50 thanks to the Jester Festival double XP Pie of Misrule and skyrocketed my first ~60 Champion Levels in one night. I’m still playing fairly frequently and have over 200 Champion Levels! I’m still enjoying Elder Scrolls Online I just haven’t had as […]

ESO Diaries – Subscribing and Ebonheart Adventuring

I now an ESO Plus Member which means I’m now subscribed to Elder Scrolls Online!. I get access to some pretty awesome stuff including all the DLC’s (meaning I don’t have to buy them as long as I stay subbed I will have access to them), an account wide Craft […]

ESO’s Jester’s Festival – Commentary with Tips and Tricks

Elder Scrolls Online’s annual Jester’s festival is in full swing and there are plenty of shenanigans to be had! The Jester’s Festival takes you across all three factions as you celebrate and cause some mischieve and a little mayhem in each of the faction’s major towns. To start the Jester’s Festival Quest, get […]

ESO Diaries: Templar and Nightblade Adventures

In my continuing adventures in Elder Scrolls Online, I have been levelling up two of my characters. My Nord Templar in the Ebonheart Pact and my Redguard Nightblade in Daggerfall Covenant. I’ve progressed a lot further on my Ebonheart charcter then my Daggerfall character. I’m still finding the game to be […]

ESO Diaries: Day 1 – Character Creation & Initial Impressions

Due to some recent events, I decided to clear up some space on my laptop and buy/download Elder Scrolls Online! I did try the game out on a beta weekend but I really didn’t like it at all. But now that some of my old APAC Guildies (who used to play […]