SWTOR’s Brief Mention & New Footage at EA Play Press Conference

Bioware’s story MMORPG, Star Wars The Old Republic got a brief mention in a Star Wars Games Video Trailer/Featurette shown at the EA Play Press Conference. James Ohlen, the Director of Design for SWTOR, said this in the featurette: Star Wars is what got me into roleplaying games in the […]

SWTOR: Bioware Going Back to it’s Roots – A Disturbing Prospect

Hey everyone, There have been a couple for new developments this week with SWTOR. Firstly, EA published a ‘preview‘ of Knights of the Fallen Empire by Jesse Sky, the Creative Director for SWTOR. Basically Jesse blabs on and on about how Bioware are going back to their story-telling, RPG roots. Because […]

Knights of the Fallen Empire Expansion – All the News Sources in One Spot

Hey everyone, Today has been a pretty hectic day for SWTOR news. It began with the E3 EA Press Conference where we finally got to see the trailer where all the teaser images we’ve been seeing came from. Then news about the new expansion was revealed via other sources as well. […]