SWTOR’s Autumn Road Map Overview

Star Wars The Old Republics Lead Game Producer, Keith Kanneg, has finally published the long-awaited Autumn Road Map! There is a lot to dissect and analyse. So let’s get down to business! For reference, here are the major Game Update dates (I mention them quite a bit): Game Update 5.5 […]

SWTOR Community Cantina Orlando News Roundup

Hey everyone, This past Friday, there was a SWTOR Community Cantina held in Orlando, Florida just outside of Star Wars Celebration. Eric Musco, Charles Boyd (in cosplay as per usual) and Keith Kanneg (the new Game Producer!) were all in attendance. Notable community members were also present including Chill and Teo […]

SWTOR’s New Blur Trailer Teaser Speculation

On Friday the SWTOR Twitter account teased us with an 8 second clip from a previously unannounced Blur cinematic trailer. A dangerous #StarWars family grows stronger. New cinematic trailer for Knights of the Eternal Throne arrives Oct 7! pic.twitter.com/NAFZqormWe — The Old Republic (@SWTOR) 30 September 2016 The teaser shows a […]

Player Harassment in SWTOR – Inaction and Consequences

Player harassment in the online gaming verse’ has been a problem for both developers and players since the inception of the medium. From the days of Ultima Online to the present day MMO’s (and all other types of online games) bullies and unpleasant souls hidden by the cyber shroud of anonymity […]

January BioWare Star Wars Story Livestream – Recap and Thoughts

Hey everyone, SWTOR have now done they’re first Story Livestream for the year. The stream featured Charles Boyd and Alexander Freed talking primarily about the next chapter of Knights of the Fallen Empire, Anarchy in Paradise. If you missed the Story Livestream, you can watch it here on YouTube. Alexander Freed […]

New Warzone Coming Soon in SWTOR

Hey everyone, On SWTOR’s recent January Producer Livestream, Eric Musco and Ben Irving revealed the first official details about the upcoming Warzone Map. So what did they reveal? It’s located on Odessen (one of the new KOTFE planets where the Alliance is based) The Game Mode is a take on ‘King […]

Bioware Re-announces Upcoming Fluff and Solo Content for their ‘MMO’

Pictured above: The anarchist Kaliyo aka Firebrand, not to be confused with the operations boss in Explosive Conflict. In an unprecedented* move, Bioware has re-announced an announcement! Players of Star Wars The Old Republic have known since the December Producer Livestream when to expect the next chapter of their solo, personal adventure in […]

SWTOR – The End for the ‘MMO’?

Hey everyone, Let me briefly summarise what Star Wars The Old Republic is. It is: A story-driven massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. Okay, now that we’ve got that, let me emphaise the MMO part. Whether people like it or not, SWTOR was released with MMO features and content allowing for […]

Producer Livestream & BIG Subscriber Announcement (Tues 1st Dec) – Speculation & Thoughts

Hey everyone, SWTOR recently announced that they will be making a BIG announcement this coming Tuesday (1 December) during the next Producer Livestream: Attention #SWTOR Subscribers! Prepare yourselves for a BIG announcement during next Tuesday’s Producer Livestream: https://t.co/yilWwkFHmz — The Old Republic (@SWTOR) November 25, 2015 Intriguing… Keywords: ‘BIG Announcement’ […]

SWTOR Pax Prime Make-up Livestream – Thoughts and Suggestions

Better late then never right? Hey everyone, Here’s my review and thoughts on the Livestream they did on the 26th August. The purpose of the stream was to do something to make up for the cancellation of the Community Cantina they were going to have at Pax Prime. So they did […]