SWTOR Community Cantina Orlando News Roundup

Hey everyone, This past Friday, there was a SWTOR Community Cantina held in Orlando, Florida just outside of Star Wars Celebration. Eric Musco, Charles Boyd (in cosplay as per usual) and Keith Kanneg (the new Game Producer!) were all in attendance. Notable community members were also present including Chill and Teo […]

SWTOR’s New Blur Trailer Teaser Speculation

On Friday the SWTOR Twitter account teased us with an 8 second clip from a previously unannounced Blur cinematic trailer. A dangerous #StarWars family grows stronger. New cinematic trailer for Knights of the Eternal Throne arrives Oct 7! pic.twitter.com/NAFZqormWe — The Old Republic (@SWTOR) 30 September 2016 The teaser shows a […]

SWTOR Pax Prime Make-up Livestream – Thoughts and Suggestions

Better late then never right? Hey everyone, Here’s my review and thoughts on the Livestream they did on the 26th August. The purpose of the stream was to do something to make up for the cancellation of the Community Cantina they were going to have at Pax Prime. So they did […]

The SWTOR SDCC Community Cantina Scandal! #MalgusGate

Hey everyone, It’s time to set the record straight. To find the truth. Like many others, I was eagerly hanging on for every tweet from the SWTOR Story Panel. Then Will Griggs from The Usual Podcast tweeted this gem! Holy crap! @SWTOR @TheBlurStudio behind the scenes #TheUsualPodcast #SDCC2015 #DarthMalgus #Carbonite #swtorfamily pic.twitter.com/rZ3riSFxeZ — Will […]

Questions for the SWTOR Community Cantina at SDCC

Hey everyone, One of the main disadvantages about living in Australia, for a geek/gamer such as myself, is that I miss out on so many events, early releases and conventions like SDCC and SWTOR Community Cantina’s. I’m immensely jealous and disappointed that I will not be able to attend the special […]

SWTOR Community Cantina at Star Wars Celebration Livestream Review

Hey everyone, As you all know, there was a Community Cantina at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and for the first time ever, it was live-streamed on ESL! So everyone, regardless of where they’re situated in the galaxy, was able to participate in the Cantina, by chatting away in the unmoderated ESL […]

The Super Late SWTOR Weekly: More Promises?

Hey everyone, Sorry this is super late, some real life stuff has happened which I’ll briefly mention later on in the post. I’ve also slightly extended the amount of time I’m covering in this weekly. At least you’ll all know I’m still alive. So what’s happened recently in SWTOR (March 9-17)? (There […]

Podcast Appearance: The Republic Episode 198 – Some Additional Discussion

Hey Everyone, As most of you are probably aware by now I was a guest host on The Republic, Episode 198 on GameBreakerTV with Larry, Heather and Redna. This was my first Podcast appearance and it was a little scary for me. But here it is for those who missed […]

SWTOR Weekly Wrap Up: Slots, Harbinger Hamster and Cantina Crawls

Hey everyone, This week in SWTOR (19th-25th January) we had Patch 3.0.2a which fixed some bugs (Yay Underlurker!) and screwed up other things (cough). Bitching and moaning was seen a plenty as we hacked, slashed, stabbed and pew pewed our way through the jungles of SWTOR! SWTOR News: The Community Cantina […]