Game Update 5.5 Class Changes Roundup

I’ll keep this updated as more changes are revealed! Game Update 5.5 is currently scheduled to be released Tuesday the 10th of October. Classes are arranged alphabetically by Imperial Advanced Class. Note: All changes below are currently in development and are subject to change before being released. Assassin/Shadow Assassin Deception […]

SWTOR Weekly Developer Watch – Class Changes

A weekly series where I keep track of everything new SWTOR Game Producer, Keith Kanneg and other SWTOR Developers say. You can read my previous Developer Watch Post here. See all Developer Watch Posts here. To learn more about Keith, see my A New Hope – SWTOR’s New Game Producer Post. There’s quite a lot that […]

Datamined SWTOR 5.0 Class Changes – Mercenary/Commando Healing

Hey everyone, Recently, the dataminers released potential class changes coming in Game Update 5.0, Knights of the Eternal Throne of Star Wars The Old Republic. In this post, I go over all the relevant changes that are of interest to Bodyguard Mercenaries/Combat Medic Commando’s. If you would like to see […]