Game Update 5.6 Highlights, Overview and Impressions

Arguably one of the biggest Game Updates Star Wars The Old Republic has had for a while, it encompasses a variety of content and quite a few Quality of Life improvements. New Activity Window One of the big QoL overhauls was the new Activity Window which combines Group Finder PvE, […]

Why I’m excited about Weapons being added to the Outfit Designer

In case you haven’t already heard, Charles Boyd, out of the blue, revealed on the forums that the Developers were working on getting Weapons added to the Outfit Designer! Charles was responding to a player asking in the General Discussion forum why Weapons weren’t a part of the Outfit Designer. It is […]

ESO Diaries: Day 1 – Character Creation & Initial Impressions

Due to some recent events, I decided to clear up some space on my laptop and buy/download Elder Scrolls Online! I did try the game out on a beta weekend but I really didn’t like it at all. But now that some of my old APAC Guildies (who used to play […]

New Togruta Customisation Options in Game Update 4.5

Hey everyone, SWTOR added a few new customisation options for Togruta characters in Game Update 4.5. Mostly just Jewelry but also a new Face Paint option. It costs 20cc to change Face Pattern and 40cc to change Jewelry (for subscribers) using an Appearance Modification Terminal. Face Pattern Female Male Jewelry […]

SWTOR’s Character Customisation System Needs an Upgrade

I find it funny that a game that is now solo/story focused hasn’t upgraded/added to their character creation/customisation system.. #SWTOR — [Xam Xam] Rachel (@Rach_Games) May 27, 2016 After seeing discussion about the horrid state of hoods and how they make your character look bald and don’t show hair, it got […]