Game Update 5.6 Highlights, Overview and Impressions

Arguably one of the biggest Game Updates Star Wars The Old Republic has had for a while, it encompasses a variety of content and quite a few Quality of Life improvements. New Activity Window One of the big QoL overhauls was the new Activity Window which combines Group Finder PvE, […]

My Cartel Pack Decoration Wishlist

Inspired by the Second Bad Feeling Buvette (or Twovette), I have decided to write up my own list of Decorations from old Cartel Market Packs that need to make a comeback. I wholeheartedly agree with Brian that there are far too many decorations that are very difficult to get and […]

New Game Update 5.5 Quality of Life Changes and Improvements

Star Wars The Old Republic’s Game Update 5.5 introduced quite a few new Quality of Life changes and improvements to the game as part of the greater United Forces Update. Here are some of the new improvements that came in Game Update 5.5: Bolster in Warzones now raises a character’s item […]

Outfits from Star Wars I’d love to see in SWTOR

As a follow up to my Cartel Market Armour that should be Re-skinned Post, I wanted to talk about my favourite outfits from the Star Wars Universe I’d love to see some variation of in Star Wars The Old Republic. As much as I’d love to see these exact outfits, I’d be […]

Cartel Market Armour that should be Re-skinned

It is a common complaint in the Star Wars The Old Republic community that items in Cartel Packs are reskinned especially when it comes to the Armour Sets. Honestly, though a lot of the armour in Cartel Packs doesn’t look very nice. So I decided that since the Developers love to […]

New Hairstyles on the Cartel Market

Three new hairstyles have been released on the Cartel Market! The new Hairstyles come in a bundle called Appearance Options: Human Hairstyles 2 which costs 240 CC. The new hairstyles (once the bundle is purchased and unlocked) are usable on existing characters using the Appearance Modification Station and show up as hairstyles options […]

Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber coming to Star Wars The Old Republic

At last! Players of the massively single player online role playing game, Star Wars The Old Republic can get their very own Kylo Ren Cross-guard Lightsaber! The Defiant Vented Lightsaber, which resembles Kylo Ren’s Cross Guard Lightsaber from Star Wars The Force Awakens, was originally discovered late Thursday through datamining Game Update […]