SWTOR’s New Blur Trailer Teaser Speculation

On Friday the SWTOR Twitter account teased us with an 8 second clip from a previously unannounced Blur cinematic trailer.

The teaser shows a young child sitting on the floor in the center of a small, ancient looking, stone room with their eyes closed and their hands folded. Accompanying the child are white robed persons sitting on the floor, in a circle, hands clasped around the child. There is an outside light source from a hole in the ceiling which quickly disappears as if a sun (or more likely moon) is setting in fast motion. The room is dark then candles dramatically ignite around the perimeter. Throughout the whole sequence, there are elliptical stones (perhaps representing planets or moons) floating around the child.

What is the setting?

The clip is more then likely depicting some kind of ritual where the child is controlling the motion of moons (or planets). The ancient stone room implies it is apart of or is some kind of temple. It’s not particularity extravagant but rather quite humble. There are however carvings on the stone floor.

Who is the child?

Before we get into who the child is, I wanted to note a couple of the child’s features. Most notably, both of the child’s arms are fully tattooed from the shoulders right down to the wrist. The child is bald and looks strikingly similar to Arcann and Thexan when they were children (see Sacrifice Trailer).

Comparison of arm tattoos. They appear to be similar. Note that the adult has tattoos on their hands but the child doesn’t?

My initial impression was that it was Vitiate as a child, preforming some ritual on his home planet Medriaas. We know from the Revan novel that he was incredibly powerful from an early age. The ancient looking setting also cements this theory. Another thing to consider is the accidentally leaked datamined info about the story (which has since been hidden again) from the TORCommunity database which indicated that in KOTET, we will get to learn more about Vitiate/Valkorion’s past (FINALLY).

But, the child could also be Valkorion’s host body. The child is already possessed by Vitiate who is perhaps guiding the ancient Zakuulans through a ritual of some kind. We know shortly after Revan’s imprisonment that Vitiate learnt the method of Essence Transfer* so he could transfer his essence into another host body. He split his essence into two bodies his ‘Voice’ and into Valkorion. All we know is that Vitiate transferred his essence into a human male. So it could have been a child? What better way to incorporate himself into an nomadic, superstitious society then through a child who would’ve been seen as one of their own? The ancient, simplistic setting fits quite well also and we know there are ancient temples in the Endless Swamp.

However, the wording of the tweet, ‘A dangerous Star Wars family grows stronger‘, and the fact that the tattoos on the child are similar to the tattoos on the unknown person in the teaser image (released at Star Wars Celebration Europe), makes me doubt both theories.

SWCE KOTET Teaser Image.

In turn, I do not believe the speculation that the child is Arcann’s and/or Vaylin’s. Obviously considering the point above, that would be unrealistic. But then again, I am assuming the timeline here. I’ve suspected for sometime that the events in the teaser image will take place not too long after the conclusion of Chapter 16 (perhaps 6 months at the most). So if the child is the same mysterious person depicted in the teaser image then it is not Arcann and/or Vaylin’s child.

Another possibility is that the child is Vaylin. Well, it doesn’t exactly fit her ‘MO’ to perform rituals. But, we did get to see Arcann and Thexan’s childhood so perhaps now that she commands the Eternal Throne (which in turn might mean the story focuses on her more now) she gets to be the focus of the new trailer? We know she was super powerful even in the womb. Also, she always where’s full sleeves so we’ve never actually seen her arms. But, she has no markings on her hands. But note the setting. It’s not very modern Zakuul looking is it?

I’ve also seen speculation that the child could be Thexan. I mean, we all know that just because you’re dead in Star Wars doesn’t mean you’re actually dead. But again, I still feel the setting is important. It really doesn’t fit well with modern Zakuulan society that does away with superstitious tradition. We know from the Sacrifice Trailer that Thexan was more powerful then Arcann but then again, Vaylin was more powerful then both of them.

So I guess it’s possible that the child could be Vaylin or Thexan. But I’m not 100% convinced.

One final possibility is that Valkorion has another child (not with Senya) at some point. I feel this is a reasonable scenario but in saying that, we really don’t need anymore new characters introduced, let alone another villain. Valkorion is frustratingly confusing puzzle as it is. There’s no need to add more complications to the story.

So to sum up, considering all that we know, I made this table to summarise the evidence. Note I had to make some assumptions.

 Ancient Setting (Teaser)PowerfulFits Timeline / Tattoo Theory'Family growing stronger'
Vitiate (child)YesDefinitely No?Head of Familiy
Valkorion (host body as child)YesDefinitelyNo?Head of Family
Arcann/Vaylin childNoYesNoYes
Valkorion Child (previously unknown)MaybeYesPossiblyYes
Darth MalgusMaybeNoNoProbably not

Ultimately, without more information we can not know for sure who the mysterious child (and mystery person) are just yet. I mean, at this point, it could even be Darth Malgus. Either way, I am looking forward to seeing the trailer in full. I doubt we’ll get all our answers but, we might glean just enough to put some more pieces together.

The new Blur Cinematic Trailer will be released in full on Friday the 7th of October at the SWTOR New York Community Cantina.

Who do you think the child is? Are you looking forward to watching the new Blur Trailer?

*For more info on Vitiate’s Essence Transfer, refer to the ‘Return to the known galaxy’ section of the Wookiepedia article about Valkorion.


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  • Daren Rogers Sr.

    well i have a few guesses. Vitiate could of had another child as we know in the sith story line the entity makes a point of saying where she waited for her love our emperor.i have went frame by frame a few times on it and it is a boy as girls dont have a adams apple and i was looking for something more to thexan if you go frame by frame it looks as if the child has a scar across his stomach as it would be where arccan cut him.its could be thexan was taken to the shrine of healing and i believe the ones in white robes are voss and my far out one is vaylin had a child we didnt know about and his mind was locked up like vaylins was as a child. valkorian made a point to say vaylin was his favorite and he had other matter to attend too. but we will find out soon enough guessing is fun.

  • wangxiuming

    I thought for a second that those floating orbs might be used in or somehow part of the focusing stones embedded in Vaylin’s forehead, but now I realize there are four in the teaser and she only has three.

    Even so, I still think it’s Vaylin (though I’m also half-expecting to be proven wrong).