SWTOR’s Dark vs. Light Event – The Content Rehash Extravaganza!

Details about Star Wars The Old Republic’s new, upcoming Dark vs. Light Event were announced today. Essentially a rehash of old content where you can earn fluff rewards and yet another companion, it’s a major slap in the face for long time players.

The majority of the player community has so far reacted negatively to the requirements for this Event and the massive grind needed to complete it.

Event Explanation

To begin participating in the event, you have to make a brand new character on the 28th of July. A character participating in the event, it will have an icon next to it’s name as pictured below.


The aim of the Event is to make Dark or Light side choices while leveling new characters. The Dark and Light side choices players make will be tallied. At the end of the event (Fall) you will either get a the Dark or Light companion depending the results of the tally.

Meanwhile there are plenty of fluff rewards to obtain while getting Light or Dark side points up. There are six levels of rewards with increasingly demanding requirements. Note: you do have to complete the objectives of the previous tier before going to the next tier.

  • Heroic Level – Reach Level 25 on 1 character.
  • Legacy Level – Reach Level 50 on 1 Character & Complete 3 story flashpoints.
  • Valiant Level – Play the Shadow of Revan Expansion (Complete Level 55 – 60), Complete the first 9 Chapters of Knights of the Fallen Empire Expansion, Complete the introductory Galactic Stronghold Mission.
  • Champion Level – 
    • Complete all 16 Chapters of Knights of the Fallen Empire Expansion on 1 Character (Chapter 15 launches June 30 and Chapter 16 launches late July).
    • Complete all Flashpoints in Solo or Tactical Mode.
    • Reach Valor Rank 5.
    • Complete 5 Alliance Alerts.
  • Eternal Level –
    • Reach Level 65 with a Republic Character.
    • Reach Level 65 with an Imperial Character.
    • Complete Round 5 of the Eternal Championship.
  • Legendary Level – 
    • Reach Level 50 with all 8 classes.
    • Earn 1M Credits on a Character.
    • Reach Dark 5 Alignment.
    • Reach Light 5 Alignment.
    • Kill 5 Specific World Bosses.
    • Kill 5 Specific Operations Bosses.
    • Complete all Hard Mode Flashpoints.
    • Complete the Eternal Championship.
    • & lot’s more look here for details.

Some of the rewards you can get include:

  • Titles – Unlocked for your Legacy.
  • Dark vs. Light Packs – Like Cartel packs, they can drop a variety of items (some are listed here).
  • Pioneer Armor Set – A new type of armor which increases XP gained.
  • Companion – Darth Hexid or Master Ranos (depending on Event results).
  • Speeder –  Victor’s Titan Turret Tank Mount.

The items rewarded from the Dark vs. Light Packs are bound to the character you get the pack on. (But the items can be unlocked in Collections). Here’s more info on how the rewards will work for the event:


To read up on more details about the Dark vs. Light Event, visit: http://www.swtor.com/dark-vs-light/home

Critiques and Nuances

This event punishes long term players who have completed the majority (if not all) of the content required for this event with their existing characters. Making the Event consist of doing old content (most of which has been in the game since launch), adding rewards to it, then forcing players to make new characters to do it all again, is absurd. Too add further insult to injury, the most long term players have no free character slots available and would be forced to buy them or play on another server to participate.

If this event was retroactive and counted players existing achievements, then this would be a win for all the players. It would be a nice ‘thank you’ to the long term players who have invested so much time and money into the game. But we know that will never happen.

I cannot agree more with this comment on Reddit:

The other major flaw with this Event is that it will be impossible for players to do this event on their main character/s. People like to do Events and get all the rewards and play ‘new content’ on the character/s they play the most.

If there was a way to choose which existing characters you could do the event on, it might be enough to entice those players who have alts they are leveling to finish leveling them. For instance I have a few characters between level 20-40ish that I am gradually leveling through class story or PvP. Being able to do this Event on those characters, as well as my main characters, would likely get me to participate in this event.

The only people who will benefit from this event are newer players who have not completed all of the content in the game. This event provides them with incentives to explore more of the game and get rewarded for it.

Ideally, this type of Event would have worked better if it had occurred a year or so after launch. With the game coming up to it’s 5 year anniversary, it feels a bit late to be running an event which encourages players to level characters through all 8 class stories and explore the game. Again, long time players have already done this, for no reward.

Funnily enough, one major advantage to this event is that you can group up with other people to do it. Grouping with other players was a feature sorely missing with the KOTFE story.

Companions: Master Ranos and Darth Hexid.

It’s ironic that this event is such a grind, one more suited to more hardcore veteran MMO players yet this Event is aimed at more casual players who will highly likely not have the time or the will to complete the Event in it’s entirety. Players will only have 4, maybe 5 months to do this event and there is a lot of content they have to grind to complete it. Having to do so much content to complete this Event could also be quite overwhelming of some players.

For me personally, I have done all of the content that is required for this Event. Grinding out all the content I have already done for some rewards is just not worth the time investment for me. (The only content in the entire game that I have not completed is NIM DF and DP and HM Ravagers and ToS.) It completely disregards all the countless hours and dollars I have spent playing this game. It feels like I am being  punished more than anything else. I am getting sick of SWTOR rehashing content and expecting players to gobble it up like it’s brand new.

So no, I will not be participating in this Event in it’s current form and I don’t think my fellow veteran players should either.

Oh and one last thing, just because someone doesn’t enjoy an aspect or aspects of a game doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy other aspects of a game.

What do you think of the Event? Will you be participating? Share your thoughts in the Comments below or on Twitter!


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  • SavingPrincess

    This also discourages any sort of “role playing” your character and just forces you to mash LS/DS options 100% of the time without concern for the plot or character personality.

    I know they’re trying to emulate (rip off) Diablo’s “season” system with this, but Diablo is an aRPG that lends itself to that sort of gameplay. There’s no choices/story/etc. to concern yourself with and the combat is more focused on grinding/loot collecting.

    This just sounds like a developer who plays Diablo going “why don’t we do something like this?” and completely missing the point.

    • I’ve seen a couple of people compare Diablo with this Event. And yeah it does make you button mash and you don’t get a chance to immerse yourself the game world etc. Not good for RP.

      • SavingPrincess

        I would say it’s not even good for a game with “Story” period. SWTOR is suffering from an identity crisis and is desperate to make SOMETHING “stick.” None of their ideas are cohesive with one another. The first 9 (initial) chapters of KotFE had me hopeful, but they vastly oversold the amount of story content that would come with each “monthly” chapter release, and instead bait subs by saying “If you unsub during our lackluster release schedule, we will make sure you lose out on all this exclusive stuff forever!”

        If I were a new player (who they’re catering to) I would have a ton of content to engage in and might even feel excited about… but I’m not. As it stands, I’m currently unsubbed (have been since Ch. 10); I will pay my $15 after KotFE is done, play it on a couple characters that I care about, then shut it back off and cry a tear as I watch SWTOR slowly drift into obscurity.

  • I have max level Legacies, and all crafting maxed. I don’t really PVP much, I’ve only done some HM FPs, but that was for HK-51, which is unlocked as well on all my legacies, I have Legendary Status for completing all 8 stories, so for me it’s a mute idea, I could go to EU servers but the Lag rate there varies from 75-117ms , and it is bearable, but the idea of going there without all my legacy perks, Ahh, No thanks. Guess I’ll be playing other games off and on along with SWTOR from time to time.

    • Yeah I’m the same boat. I’m only sporadically logging into SWTOR these days and playing other games instead.

  • depizan

    It really feels like the wrong sort of event for a game that’s main distinguishing feature is story. A new player participating would feel pressured to miss out on the best part of the game by spacebarring through stuff or at least just thoughtlessly going LS or DS, and long term players are facing redoing everything. I’m not quite sure who wins, here.

    • That is an excellent point. Newer players who participate in this Event will likely miss out on the immersive story experience because they have to rush through all the stories to get the Event done. Thus taking away from the ‘story focus’ of the game they’ve been emphasising.

  • Jose Velez-Martinez

    I’ve been playing since launch, have all the but a very few of those achievements already and 2 servers with 20 toons each all between 55-65, so no I will not touch this event. I’ve been bored with Swtor the last few months to be honest and i’m just letting my sub lapse in july. It’ll be the first time since launch that i’ve not subbed, bit sad really. They promised us a new event, nothing here is new, just the rewards. I’ve spent a LOT of money and time with this game, people like me kept the lights on for them to go f2p , and they can’t retroactively give away any of the achieves? No thanks, I’m done grinding in this game. I’ve been blasted saying that i’m a whiner and that I shouldn’t get any of the achieves without doing the event. Really? I’ve already done that crap 40 times, so if that makes me a whiner so be it. Funny thing is, only the F2P players were blasting me and they had nothing to say when i simply asked them..you guys know you have to SUB to be able to do all this right? was like crickets. Anyway, rant over. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs and stories Xam Xam and will continue to look in on them. Maybe someday I’ll come back to swtor, but not until we get Legitimate new content and i’m not just talking about the hour and half stuff we get a month.