SWTOR’s Character Customisation System Needs an Upgrade

After seeing discussion about the horrid state of hoods and how they make your character look bald and don’t show hair, it got me thinking about how stale the Character Creation/Customisation system is in SWTOR. (In relation to Vaylin’s outfit coming out on the CM and how you can see her hair under the hood).

It would seem that SWTOR have been making changes to it’s Character Customisation System and they do, on the odd occasion, add new hairstyles or an eye colour to the Cartel Market. But, I feel they could do more to enhance the system and give players some new looks to try out for their characters.

Players pour hours into making their characters look just right. SWTOR’s archaic system is severely lacking compared to other MMO’s, let alone RPG’s. It would be nice to see a complete re-haul of the Character Creation/Customisation system. But realistically, I highly doubt it will happen. Instead, they could at least add to and improve the current system.

New Customisation Options

When you’re creating character number 3001 and you just have the same old boring options to choose from, it gets a bit old. You sit there trying to find a look that’s different but looks nice and it gets harder to do that each time. It would be nice to see some new customisation options made available. New tattoos/face paint (body tattoos would be awesome too), new face shapes, new body types, new cosmetics, new scars, new complexions, not to mention new hairstyles and hair colours!

Here are some suggestions for new hairstyles already on characters in the game that would be nice to be made available for player made characters:

  • Lana Beniko’s KOTFE Hairstyle
  • Shae Vizla’s Hairstyle
  • Tora’s Hairstlye
  • Senya’s Hairstyle
  • Vaylin’s Hairstyle

There are fairly endless possibilities with hairstyles and so much inspiration out there. More long hairstyles would be nice to have but a hard to do with clipping/engine issues.

New hair colours would freshen things up as well. How about some more blonde hair colours especially Lana Beniko’s KOTFE blonde hair colour. Maybe even do some pale hair colours like blue, pink, purple or mint green?

Some new complexions would also be nice too. What about some complexions that make your characters look older and/or give them wrinkles?

These are just a couple of idea’s I’ve come up with. There’s a lot more they could add. I do know however that it takes a while to make this kind of stuff, hence my suggestions in the next section.

Existing Customisations

There is one way SWTOR could vastly improve the Character Creation System fairly easily (maybe?).

Remove species restrictions on some customisations.

I’m talking EYE COLOURS, some Tattoos (Mirialan obvious exception), HAIRSTYLES, face paint etc.

SWTOR as it turns out, are removing some restrictions, in some cases, for hairstyles and hair colours in Game Update 4.5.


This is a good start, but they can do better than this. Why can’t a Mirialan have purple hair to go with the bluey/purple eye colour they can have? Or a Miraluka have green hair? Or even allow other species to have tattoos/facepaint that don’t have them?

Something else I would love to see is all eye colours made available for all species (perhaps Chiss excluded). Surely there’s the tech to make your eyes whatever colour you want in the SWTOR universe. So I don’t see why this couldn’t happen?

Another thing is, with cybernetics, once you get a cyborg character to Level 50, you unlock all possible cybernetic options for all classes. It would be nice if there was a similar thing for tattoos. Obviously there are class specific tattoos which should be excluded (eg. Havoc Squad symbol tattoos) but most tattoos a quite generic and should be available to all humans regardless of class.

Either way, these are just a couple of ideas I’ve come up with. Like I said, SWTOR’s Character Customisation System is quite simplistic compared to other games. I’m not sure how ‘fancy’ the system can get due to engine limitations and what not. But if possible, it would be nice to see an upgrade.

What new customisations options would you like to see? What ideas do you have? What character customisation features from other games would you like to see in SWTOR?


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  • SavingPrincess

    I think the real issue is still the Hero Engine.

    SWTOR will never have a “robust” character creation system because the version of the Hero Engine they decided on doesn’t really allow for it. You’re only going to have 4 body types… because a 5th would require a new version of every single piece of armor in the game. It doesn’t make financial sense to devote those kinds of resources for such little return when you can just reskin a mount or robe and drop it in the CM every couple weeks.

    You won’t see hoods with hair because they would have to hard code/model every hairstyle into every single hood in the game. These are just things that they didn’t take into account or someone up the chain didn’t care about when this game was being developed.

    To this day, if you have a lightsaber that isn’t “normal” (i.e. thin, long, sfx, etc.) and you do a saber throw move, when it comes back to your hand, it will be the normal lightsaber model. This game is only surviving on the content they can make that generates cash in the shop, they don’t care about many of the little things that have been obvious bugs for YEARS.

    • Yeah I was trying to think of stuff they could do that would be doable with the engine but yeah.. I don’t have much hope for anything too fancy.

  • Dristan Young

    I’d like to see a feature that lets you put races together. Like having a human father and a chiss mother. Maybe let us use the Family tree system to make it so the child’s skin is blue, but their eyes are like a humans. Or a zabrak and miraluka, a green person with horns. Or they could let us choose between 2 races if we want at character creation, then we could pick chiss and cyborg or anything and cyborg. All the races you play as use the same 3 slightly changed head shapes anyways.

    And I want older complexions so my characters that are in their 50s actually look like they’re in their 50s and not half their age.

  • Oh hell yes. The cross-racial hair styling is way overdue. There is no reason on earth we can’t have the Tora hairdo (which I believe is the same as the Shae Visla hairdo). Some hairdos go with specific nonstandard faces (like Satele’s hairdo), but for this one there’s no excuse.

    Some customization options that they could offer that would take almost no resources: facial piercings. Just take some of the ratt options, use on other races, voila!

    • OMG Yes! Piercings would be great and they could just use the Rattataki ones. 🙂