SWTOR’s Brief Mention & New Footage at EA Play Press Conference

Bioware’s story MMORPG, Star Wars The Old Republic got a brief mention in a Star Wars Games Video Trailer/Featurette shown at the EA Play Press Conference. James Ohlen, the Director of Design for SWTOR, said this in the featurette:

Star Wars is what got me into roleplaying games in the first place, that storytelling you did as a kid with your Star Wars action figures.

With Star Wars The Old Republic the choices you make, the freedom you have, that’s really a part of a Bioware game and beyond The Old Republic there are so many stories we still want to tell.

Footage shown while James spoke included the Sacrifice Trailer and game play from Knights of the Fallen Empire as well as brand new footage from upcoming Chapters of KOTFE. See screen grabs of brand new footage from the Trailer/Featurette below.


A Zakuul Shuttle under attack.
Arcann and The Outlander dueling.
Arcann and The Outlander dueling.

The other Star Wars Games featured were Star Wars Battlefront, Respawn Entertainment’s untitled Star Wars Game, Galaxy of Heroes and Visceral Games’ unannounced title.

Mass Effect Andromeda, Titanfall 2, a couple of EA Sport Games, Fe and Battlefield 1 were the other Games featured at the Press Conference.

You can watch the EA Star Wars Game Trailer/Featurette for yourself below.

And finally, here’s a screen grab from the Trailer/Featurette of the Bioware Austin Devs hard at work on SWTOR.

Eric Musco, Charles Boyd and other Developers working on SWTOR.


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