SWTOR Weekly Wrap Up: Slots, Harbinger Hamster and Cantina Crawls

Hey everyone,

This week in SWTOR (19th-25th January) we had Patch 3.0.2a which fixed some bugs (Yay Underlurker!) and screwed up other things (cough). Bitching and moaning was seen a plenty as we hacked, slashed, stabbed and pew pewed our way through the jungles of SWTOR!

scoundrel beat revan time

SWTOR News: The Community Cantina Crawl

The first Community Cantina for 2015 happened at Pax South in San Antonio on Friday night (24th January) in the US. A few new interesting tidbits of information have emerged and stuff happened which I’ll summarise. If you want to see pictures of old Cartel stuff and other random pictures to use for social media check out the Cantina Flashdrive Contents posted by Dulfy. I’ve also included video of the Q&A below by Physics Mcawesome.

  • They read out Bruce Maclean’s Producers Letter which wasn’t supposed to be published for a couple more weeks..
  • Game Update 3.2: A new Planet, Ziost with story arc which will apparently answer questions left by the ‘cliffhanger’ at the end of SOR.
  • A new Costume Designer System is also being introduced in 3.2 which is slated for a late April release.
  • There will be two new story driven expansions this year. One in the Summer (Northern Hemisphere) and one towards the end of the year.
  • A new Stronghold and (the long known about) Togruta Race will come out someday post 3.2…

Oh and can I just say that Charles Boyd looked BAD ASS in his Havoc Squad Cosplay! <3

The Harbinger.. Need I say more?

It crashed twice this week inconveniencing thousands of players who promptly took to the forums to have a good bitch about how unfair life is, something about the end of the world and debate the air speed velocity of hamsters. Naturally, they demanded Cartel Coin compensation and (the extremely pissed off) demanded free server transfers.

So classic.

Yes, it is annoying and yes it would be nice to know why our home has these occasional issues.. But we all know that’s never going to happen as per Bioware’s policy of being silent about everything..

Look out for a blog post coming soon about this incredibly fascinating topic!


Slots = Hulk Smashed

Yep.. unless you’ve been living under a rock (which is of course entirely possible) you would know about the new interactive slot machine decor. You would also know how ridiculously OP they were making the rich, richer as they say. People in the community bitch and moaned, sometimes justified, sometimes not so much. Then BAM! The Slot Machines got nerfed.. And there was even more bitching and moaning. So TLDR will the community ever be happy and will Bioware ever get anything right?

I’ve also dedicated a blog post about this which will also be debuting soon™!

I'm really sorry.. But I'm not sorry.. I couldn't help myself.
I’m really sorry.. But I’m not sorry.. I couldn’t help myself.

What did I get up to?

I did a bit of PvP.. on my Mando and Merc as per usual. Got my Sage, who I’ve been leveling from 55 to 60 exclusively through PvP, to level 59. God I’m loving Telekinetics hehe. I started my Shadow on the 55-60 grind as well. She is almost level 58. Also did some raiding with my guildies and farmed slicing nodes on Yavin as per usual.

Shadow being Shadow like.. and pissed off about something??...
Shadow being Shadow like.. and pissed off about something??…

So what did you all get up to this past week? What do you think of Bioware’s continuing shenanigan’s and the communities bitchiness?

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  • I’ve been leveling my Sage and Juggernaut mainly. In addition, I’ll run a few end-game raids with the guild on my main Sorc. I was pretty bummed out about the nerf on slots. I heard they may change it, but I also heard they may leave it. Who knows? Like you said, BioWare is really silent on everything. The communities bitchiness is like any other gaming community, you’ll have those that feel entitled to anything and everything when an error occurs. I just look them over, but I also understand, I’d as well like to know what happened and why with the servers. Oh well is all I can say though. Great blog post and can’t wait for the others!