SWTOR Weekly Wrap Up 12th-18th January

Hey everyone,

This week patch 3.0.2 finally come out finally fixing some things, breaking other things and adding in some new stuff as well. The week then concluded with some interesting news. So here’s what I wanted to highlight..

Op header


First of all, some news (sad or not so sad depending on who you talk too). Hillary Nicole (Pokket) announced on Friday during the Community Stream that she is leaving SWTOR. She was a part of the Community Team and her job was to liaison with fansites, streamers etc. She clarified on Twitter that she was not fired but left of her own accord. Some have pointed out that her job was a contract job anyway so it shouldn’t be that unexpected. I feel pretty meh about it to be honest. She does have a questionable track record as a community team member in my view.. All we can hope for is that she get’s replaced with someone who is passionate about and knows the SWTOR community.

New Yavin IV Achievements and Secret World Boss!

I love it when they add little things like this into the game! It was fun running around Yavin finding all the Ghosts and Talismans. But I also had fun in Outlaws Den ‘guarding’ the Tome (which you need to get to be able to damage the secret boss). If you’re after a guide as to how it all works, here’s Dulfys Guide. My guild did attempt the Ancient Threat but uhhhh it didn’t work out for reasons..

Yavin a good time

But here’s a warning: If you have the Ghost/Talisman buffs you can’t even switch instances without losing them and whatever you do don’t leave Yavin!

Finally I love that the Tome thing in Outlaw’s Den has a purpose! Also.. that you can sit at the Tome and gank people. So yay!.. We have something to help temporarily instigate Open World PvP…

Contraband Slot Machine Decor

Let’s just say I love this new decor. I am one of the few people who barely participated in the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event. I honestly could not see the point in doing the event. I felt the rewards and the odds of getting the rewards was not worth wasting all my hard earned credits away on. They only time I did the event was with the free tokens you got from the one off mission on a couple of my characters. That is it. So yes, I was very against that event and thought it was a stupid waste of time and credits.

Me playing on my Boyfriend's Slot Machine...
Me playing on my Boyfriend’s Slot Machine… (Yeah.. I know…)

Now SWTOR have found a new, better use for slot machines. They have made them into usable decor!  Yes, it gives you stuff. Like actual useful stuff like Jawa Junk, Reputation Token’s and Cartel Certificate’s. So TLDR you have the potential to make credits! I hope they add in more interactable decor in the future. Some are concerned with the economy ruining potential of the slot machines but it’s likely they will tweak the drop rates anyway some stage soon.

What did I get up to this week?

Well I just did bit’s of pieces in SWTOR here and there.. I PvPed on a couple of my characters but mainly my Sage, did some raiding with my guildies, ganked people on Outlaws Den and Yavin and leveled my Operative to 60 and my Scoundrel to almost 60.

scoundrel meeting revan
My Smuggler being ‘Unsmuggler’ like…

So that wraps things up for this week! What did you get up to this past week? What are your thoughts on Hillary leaving SWTOR?

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  • Yay, another SWTOR blog!

    I love SWTOR and writing about SWTOR, but I basically live under a rock regarding the forum. So I don’t really have an opinion about Hillary.

    For the rest, I didn’t have time to play much this week, so I’ve basically only logged in for raiding. Hopefully more time for other things next week. 🙂

    • Yeah the forums can be a bit of a silly place sometimes.. I just check the Dev Tracker.

      Naww fingers crossed you have more time to play this week!