SWTOR Weekly: What the Fuck Just Happened?

Hey everyone,

I mean seriously, this week in SWTOR (23rd Feb-1st March) we had stuff popping up out of the blue, stuff coming from behind, new awesomesauce premiered and butthurt was seen a plenty. So let us enter the wretched hive of scum and villainy and see what the fuck was up? You can view the Vlog version here.

croppy assassin

SWTOR and Esports? Huh?

So SWTOR and Esports are now a thing. Like legitimately. Yes, this is real. If you don’t believe me read about what Musco announced here and additional clarification he made (in regards to bugs and rules) here. Basically it’s a Speed Run Operations Tournament. So meh?

Basically this is likely part of their strategy to hype up SWTOR and jump on the hype bandwagon for The Force Awakens. I wrote more of my thoughts about this surprising development here.

CYP_LeftSide_854x480It Came From Behind

In true Bioware fashion, a week after the release of the pointless, lame trailer they announced the details for the promotion that was meant to go along with it. Classic. So for being good boys and girls and giving Bioware subscription money we get these black purple striated lightsaber crystals. So that’s exciting.. right? Yeah I know.. I can feel your enthusiasm through the force.

Community News!

Well first up, Maebeebuzz (from TOROCast) and myself started a PvP Show called ‘Live from the Voidstar’ for TOR Community. You can check out our first episode here. On this show we’ll talk about pretty much anything to do with PvP! So be sure to check it out weekly (around Sunday/Monday depending on your timezone) on TOR Community!

Speaking of TOR Community you should definitely go check them out! There’s lot’s of great stuff on there!dr-zoidbergs-butthurt-cream-768x200

What Gifts did the Gree get me this week?

Oh they give me plenty! This naughty girl was entertained by plenty of salty tears, bitching and raging. Yes, the Gree event came back this week and it has been glorious! The butthurt was real and yes, we ran out of Butthurt cream.

So as you no doubt have figured out I did quite a lot of PvP this week, of the Open World variety. I also did some raiding we one shot everything HM Xeno 16 Man (got to get them helix components), HM Malaphor and HM Sparky. So hopefully Monday night we’ll have another good go at Bulo HM.

So what did you get up to this week? What are your thoughts on the E-Sport Tournament?

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