SWTOR Weekly: Sigh..

Hey everyone,

So this week in SWTOR (02-08 March) everything got cancelled, everything was preliminary, everything got Sithy and everything…yeah okay, you get the idea. But anyway, here’s what happened this week in SWTOR!


Yes, They Cancelled the Operations Speedrun E-Sport Tournament

Musco announced at the beginning of the week that the event was cancelled. He also answered some additional questions. ..Seriously.. LOL. That was my reaction. I laughed then I sighed then I laughed again and maybe cried..


They came so damn fucking close to fucking doing something good that would hype the game and be a lot of fun. Like for once do something decent themselves. But it fell through cause they still haven’t been able to fix the Coratanni encounter after all these months. Yes, they were right to cancel it. But they should never have announced the tournament/organised it/whatever until the Coratanni encounter was fixed.

It’s very disappointing that it had to end this way. Cat-memes-hahaha-noI really hope they reconsider doing this again in the future once they finally fix Coratanni. The community loved the idea. Maybe down the track we could see a PvP tournament too.

Preliminary 3.1.1 Patch Notes

Once again, they’ve done the community a minor service and released the patch notes early for the incoming deployment of patch 3.1.1 on Tuesday. There isn’t anything too much of note just a lot of bug fixes, tuning of flashpoints and class changes. One really funny bug however, which you can try now, is when you are customising your character and changing their body type, and are on a mount, it bugs out somehow and makes you look like a mount. So there’s something you can do if you’re bored. Tait will release the final patch notes before maintenance.

This made me chuckle slightly...
This made me chuckle slightly…

Into the Tomb

Courtney Woods did another story blog! This time it was about Lana Beniko and tells us about her final trial at the Sith Academy. I chuckled when I read that Harkun was her overseer, god he was a prick. She works with her peers to get the relic as per Harkun’s instructions and they succeed with team work. Lana’s unique pragmatism shines through even this early on, on her path to becoming a Sith Lord. Not that she would go by that title anyway. So you go girl! Show up that Harkun jerk face!


Community Shenanigans

The community has decided to put on it’s own Speed-run tournament! If you want to find out more about it check it out on the forums. It would be good to see people participate so that Bioware knows the community likes this kind of thing.

What did I get up to this Week?

Ugh not much really. I did a little PvP on my Merc and Assassin to get their dailies and weeklies done. I also did some raiding which sucked cause one of our tanks couldn’t come on so we couldn’t do HM’s so sad face we had to take a noob through SM. Also did some datacron hunting for reasons…

But yeah.. over the last couple of days I’ve been feeling a little down about blogging and SWTOR. Guess it’s all began to be a little overwhelming for me especially with my guest podcast appearances and other collaborations. At this stage I’m going to persevere and see how things go. But let’s just say that March is a big month/milestone for me for personal reasons which I’m not going to elaborate on at this stage. Don’t worry I won’t keep you all in the dark forever. I want to surprise you!

xmai datacron hunting crop

Thank you everyone who have supported me with this venture so far. Blogging, putting myself out there and being more social has been quite an experience for me and it does get tiring for me. But I’ve also learned a lot and grown more confidence. So I want to persevere, learn more and improve my social skills (haha).

So what did you get up to this week? Anything you’re looking forward to? How has SWTOR been treating you? What did you think about the happenings in SWTOR this week?

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  • lol Harkun. When I’ve had the option to kill him, I never do though it’s tempting because I always think for a “drill instructor” he’s actually perfect, if he just wouldn’t play favorites. I sometimes envision one of my guys eventually becoming an instructor when they retire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TNhS81w4bM