SWTOR Weekly: Lacklustre and Sparkle

Hey everyone!

This week in SWTOR (30th March – 4th April), we had a few WTF revelations, an absolutely brilliant story blog by Courtney Woods and I bitched about everything (I’ll touch on that later). But anyway, let’s dive in and see if we can find any treasure in this sunken ship.

Lackluster Golden Shiny’s

This week’s Dev Posts revealed that the Dev’s had a spontaneous epiphany.. They suddenly discovered that there was something very wrong with how bolster works in the Midbie PvP bracket. This is something the PvP player base has been aware of for months now (as in since 3.0 came out). I’ve already had a rant about this which you can watch here if you missed it..yayomg-derpy-kity

PSA: They’re making it so we can no longer transfer Warzone Comms via Legacy

So this was discovered while datamining the latest PTS build and was subsequently confirmed to be live on the PTS. For those who may not have been aware, for some time now you have been able to transfer Warzone commendations via legacy by buying stronghold labels from the Warzone Comm Stronghold vendor in the Stronghold section of fleet and putting them in your legacy bank then grabbing them on another character and

There is a good chance that they could implement this as early as this upcoming maintenance. So I would advice if you want to some comm transferring to do it before then just in case.

lets do the robot scoundrel

Theron and Jace Walk into a Bar…

This week Courtney Woods wrote another wonderful story blog! This time, it featured Theron Shan having dinner with his father, Supreme Commander Jace Malcolm. As you should all know Grand Master Satele Shan is Theron’s mother and well she didn’t tell Jace that Theron was his son until Theron was 30 years old.

In this story, Jace and Theron are meeting for dinner and have a talk about Satele Shan. It is very illuminating and interesting. It was very endearing the way the to of them interacted and talked about Satele. It was interesting to see Satele in a different light, not as a Jedi but as more ‘human’ so to speak. It was also good to catch glimpses of what happened ootinicastbetween Satele and Jace.


This week in community news, one of my favourite SWTOR Podcasts, Ootinicast, has started a Patreon. Campaign funding will go towards maintaining the show’s audio quality and production values, maintenance costs and other expenses. Ootinicast is an excellent quality SWTOR podcast and I would highly recommend listening to them if you don’t already do so.

Announcements (and clarification)!

So you may have noticed that I’ve started a new Vlog series called Bitch Mode. I’ve kind of realised that people may be getting the wrong impression of me hating the game or being an overly negative person. So I’m also going to do other Vlog’s highlighting the good things about SWTOR (haven’t decided what to call it yet). One of my favourite things shutup-bitch-starwarsabout SWTOR is the story! So I will also be doing a Vlog series where I talk about different stories told and highlight my favourite ones.

Just to clarify for those who may have seen my rants on YouTube or Twitter recently. I still love SWTOR, but I see it as primarily a social tool and I also enjoy creating content for the community. I still do enjoy PvPing on my many characters but I just see so many things wrong with the game and I don’t want to sit on the sidelines and say nothing like I used to. I want my voice heard. I want to actively try to find solutions and not just bitch all the time. Sorry if it sounds like I’m complaining too much but at times it is incredibly frustrating. But I do still enjoy some aspects of the game.

Anyway that’s about it for the week. What did you get up to this week in SWTOR?

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  • I love your general negativity and serpent’s tongue regarding SWTOR. Maybe I just see it as you blowing off steam like all the rest of us but yours is out in the limelight. As much as I love SWTOR (as evidenced by my DAW post last week), it is also very important for the devs to hear the criticism that comes from you and others. I haven’t checked out “Bitch Mode” yet, but I am very excited to get to it (as soon as I finish episode 198 of Ootinicast). On a side note, thanks for being my first Twitter follower!!

    • You’re welcome 🙂 And yes, I tend to view myself as blowing off steam when I make posts or video’s. Then I go straight back to playing and PvPing 🙂