SWTOR Weekly – Keith Watch: Open and Transparent

A new weekly series where I keep track of everything new SWTOR Game Producer, Keith Kanneg says.

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We heard a bit more from Keith this week then we did last week. His communications were mainly in response to the login and maintenance issues we experienced on Tuesday. It was fantastic to see him being so transparent and open with the player base about the issues they were having and their ongoing efforts to fix them.

Late Friday night (10 pm CDT), Keith went on to the forums and responded to a player joking about pressing a reset button.

On Tuesday when they were having a lot of maintenance issues Keith let us know what was going on.

A player made a snarky remark about the developers seemingly fixing the maintenance and login issues around close time (CDT). Keith responded that quite a few Devs were staying after hours to ensure continuing stability and to keep fixing issues.

He continued to respond to players having login issues after hours (Austin time).

He kept players informed of continuing developments in resolving issues.

He continued to communicate and help players having login issues.

And he announced when they had resolved the issues.

His communication efforts during all the technical issues from the maintenance and login issues were fantastic! He is certainly breaking boundaries as Game Producer for SWTOR. We’re continuing to see communication we have not seen from a Game Producer of SWTOR which has been absolutely wonderful. The fact that he stayed after hours on Tuesday and continued to monitor the login issues shows just how committed he is to the game. Again, it is something we haven’t really seen before and it a good thing for SWTOR.

Hopefully, we will see the promised Road Map this coming week!

You can expect the next Keith Watch Post next Friday at 5:30 pm CDT.

What did you think of Keith’s communication efforts this week?

*Sorry this post was late this week. I was away for a few days during the week with limited internet access and time to write.


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