SWTOR Weekly: It Totally Wasn’t Funny

Hey everyone,

Not much happened in SWTOR this week (6-12th April), no really. I mean.. Well actually, some stuff did go wrong, terrible jokes were made and yes they completely fucked with us. But they like do that all the time so that’s nothing new then eh? So let’s go over the slow news then shall we?

Immovable Shadow’s

Yep, it was hilarious. Basically Shadows had the range of Low Slash changed to 30m in Game Update 3.1.2 and well it screwed up. Shadows only (this didn’t happen to Assassins), were able to reapply the incapacitate affect repeatedly on people until they were white barred. It was hilarious.  So they did an emergency patch a day and a bit later and made it all better.

The Joke That Wasn’t A Joke

Someone randomly made a thread randomly pointing out that people can queue for ranked without having an Advanced Class and asking what the title would be if someone by some miracle randomly manage to get high enough rating to be considered in the top 3. there was random Dev Response from Alex Modney.

ahahahahahahaha bleh

Like really? Was this supposed to be funny?

Sad Panda

They effected the change to Warzone stronghold labels this week meaning we can no longer move Warzone comms between our characters. What has me bummed Sad_Panda_Chibi_by_mongrelssisterout however, is that you can still move Basic Comms via legacy gear between your alts using inheritance legacy you get from Black Hole and Section X Vendors for Basic Comms. So meh it’s clear they don’t care about PvP, but you’ve already seen or heard me rant about this so let’s stop talking about it.

Community News – Taking The Heat

This week in Community News, Healing SWTOR did an interview with Dulfy (yes, that Dulfy) which you can read here. It was straight forward and the questions were simple. Unsurprisingly it generated a mile of discussion on Reddit.. So that was fun. It brought out some community spats and drama’s that shocked people apparently.. It’s funny how people think it’s all sunshine and rainbows and cupcakes in the community… But anyway.. Moving on..

What did I get Up to This Week?

Game wise, I haven’t done that much, just a little PvP. Ran a premade with guildies on my Commando which was fun and we won all our games. I also got bored enough to go through the mission series to
get HK on my Mercenary. Fuck I hate Taris.

Secondly, as you’ve probably noticed by now I have changed the look of my website and got a domain so yay! I’ve been saving up to do it for a while and the stars aligned this week, so to speak. So I’ve had fun playing around with all the new cool features and stuff I have access to now..

merc getting hk 51

Finally I did a blog post where I talk about my upcoming plans for my Blog and YouTubing shenanigans. So TLDR I’m going to start covering Star Wars Battlefront stuff as well as continuing to cover SWTOR content and I’m going to try and be more consistent…

So, that’s about it. It was pretty boring eh? Next week’s should be much more interesting with Star Wars Celebration and the Community Cantina hopefully…

So what did you get up to this week? What are you looking forward to the most about Star Wars Celebration?

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