SWTOR Weekly: Is There a Path Through the Snow?

Hey everyone,

It was a bit of a slow news week, this week wasn’t it?

This week in Star Wars: The Old Republic (16-22 February) nothing made much sense and excuses were made but the community made it all better. So let’s sum it up!

So there was this Promotional Trailer thing..

And.. Well, it didn’t seem to have much of a point. Something to do with choosing your path? I mean we’ve all done that plenty of times in this game.

I’m sorry but if you’re trying to draw new players to the game. Don’t create crappy trailers. Create decent fucking content. Like PvP. You know, if the player base is happy with the game maybe they’ll hype it up and tell people about it and then get them to play.

My point is, there are plenty of other ways they can get people interested in and playing SWTOR. They don’t have to rely on silly trailers like this.

Snowed in!

So SWTOR decided to cancel their second Community Cantina Tour. This time, theyblamed the weather.. Okay so this snowmight be cause I don’t live in a place that doesn’t have to deal with snow.. But huh? So people can predict the weather 2 weeks out from now? Yeah okay.

So instead, they’re doing a Live Stream which I am really excited about. It will be great for the whole community to have access to a Cantina Event. I did suggest they do something like this in my blog post on some ways they can improve their community streams. So I’m looking forward to watching this.

Community Highlights

Snave hosted a dueling Tournament on the Red Eclipse (European PvE Server) and from what I saw, it went really well! It’d be great to see more community events like this in the future. Snave is keen to get an 8v8 Tournament happening on the PTS sometime which I think would be fantastic! If you want to see how it all went down check out the video highlights on Snave’s Hitbox Channel.

Speaking of community stuff, I’ll have something to announce very shortly!

Here's a hint...
Here’s a hint…

What did I get up to?

This week, I did quite a lot of PvP on my Merc and on my little Assassin. Ran some premades with my guildies, had fun, won matches, you know, the usual. Also did some raiding.. But yeah that’s about it.

So what did you get up to this week? What did you think of the promotional trailer thing?

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  • For the life of me I don’t understand why they made this trailer. The game already has trailers plus that whole introductory series voiced by Lance Henriksen. If people are to be convinced to play the game, who are not, then they simply should have shown them what’s to come, not what they already know about the game. One of those, is anybody at the wheel of this moments.

  • You know, my roommate likes to speculate that the Bioware has pared down the SWTOR staff to a bare minimum because they’ve already made their money off this game and don’t really care much about the future of it. That view seems pessimistic to me, but yet when I see a hastily cobbled together trailer like this touted as an “announcement”, it kind of makes concerned how right he might be.

    • Yep and then they tell us they have grand plans for the year…

  • Other than the cinematic trailers from launch I don’t recall Bioware ever releasing a good SWTOR trailer, so I wasn’t excited about this one, nor was I surprised. It’s one of those things I’ve just come to accept about the game. 😛

  • Personally I quite liked the trailer, but it seems like the only people that saw it already play the game – odd, unless it’s reaching more people than we know. I also thought due to the “pre-warning” the day before, that it might drop with some news, but oh well.

    I had the same initial thought about the cantina, i.e. the 2 week forecast, but I presume they elected to cancel now, rather than risk cancelling a few days before when it’s more likely peoples plans would be affected. Either way might have ended badly, I think they just picked what they thought was best.

  • My main issue with the trailer is that it’s not linked on the main swtor.com page. I mean I know the website is out of date and obviously a low priority, but come on. Unless every update requires hand editing the html (instead of a handy dandy cms like real devs would have), there’s no excuse. Still, it’s the only star wars game in town (if you don’t count swg emu’s) so I’ll keep checking for updates, I’ll just have to do so on reddit since the actual website is useless (except for the forums which aren’t that bad/are comparable to other mmos’).